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Winter 10 x 10 Recap

My goodness.  I am so glad I decided to take the plunge and take part in this year’s Winter 10×10 Challenge hosted by lovely and stylish bloggers StyleBee & Un-fancy.  What an amazing experience this has been.  Today I’ll be giving a little recap of the Winter 10×10 Challenge so get ready!  If it’s your first time here, the 10×10 Challenge is all about picking ten items, styling them ten different ways, and wearing those looks for ten days! It’s main purpose is to help you get reacquainted with the clothes you already have, creating more with less, and learning about yourself & your personal style in the process.  It’s a difficult feat, and I feel very tired but equally accomplished that I completed all ten days and documented each day here on this blog.

 (PS: I know I’ve taken a few steps in a different direction with my blog, but I like where I’m  going and I want to see where it takes me)

Here’s how I’ll be organizing this post:

-Ten pieces

-Ten Looks (inner and outer wear)

-Favorites & Least Favorites

-Take Aways

-What I’ve learned

Ten Pieces

From left to right: H&M oversized sweater, Uniqlo grey work pants, GU jumpsuit, Uniqlo blue coat , Lowry’s Farm “Mens” shoes, Uniqlo black circle skirt, Uniqlo striped box shirt , Uniqlo white half button blouse, Green box shirt, & Black winter boots

(Unfortunately, all of these items are either from previous seasons, or from years before so I am unable to link any of the items I used for this challenge)

Ten Looks



Left: I loved the outerwear version of this outfit.  I had said earlier that I didn’t like how the green box shirt was a bit too tight over the jumpsuit but I think the jacket goes over it all very nicely.  I really just love how casual yet put together this outfit makes me look / feel, especially with the hat.  Right: Another favorite.  I think I can already tell I’m very much drawn to the wide leg pants here (which were actually my jumpsuit).  I love how slouchy and relaxed this look is and it was my very first look of the challenge!

Least Favorite


Yep, this one was my least favorite and it made me feel uncomfortable and self conscious all day. I had mentioned before that I didn’t like how my belly roll and mid section were so obvious here.  I think I’ve learned that when I style this circle skirt it looks so much better with a shirt layered over it.  And in general, I don’t like things that are too tight around the belly.

Take Aways

The main purpose of this challenge as Style Bee eloquently puts is to “get more out of your closet, save some money and dig deeper into your personal style”.  I really believe that I’ve taken all of that plus more from participating in this challenge.

I feel much better about what I already have and found new appreciation for my clothes.  I have a ton of simple pieces which makes it pretty easy to mix and match and create a bunch of different, fun and interesting outfits.  I feel like my whole closet is brand new after taking a ten day break. It’s so refreshing!  It’s honestly so amazing to crave a piece of clothing you already own instead of the having to deal with thoughts of what you’ll buy next or what is on your wishlist of your favorite store, or “If only I had ____ item, this outfit would look better” (<–confessions of a shopaholic–>).  I have a bit of an issue with shopping, so I feel like this was a perfect challenge for me.  I haven’t even had much thought to buy anything for myself when I go out, and I find myself thinking much more critically about how something I see in a store would flatter my body, or if the shape works for me.  I feel like as much as I don’t like to admit it, I’ve found my personal style to be very simple and I’m not sure if I like it or not…but it looks good on me and I feel confident in the clothes I’ve worn for this challenge. A quick side note, I did have to style my 10 pieces around work, so I had to make everything very “teacher/school friendly” which at first felt like it would take over my personal style but actually,  I realize most of my clothes are like that anyways. >.>

Thing’s I’ve Learned

I’ve realized a few things, first….I HAVE ONLY / MOSTLY UNIQLO.  Is this a bad thing?  I’m not sure.  Although I haven’t put too much research into the brand (which I really should), I’m afraid my love for Uniqlo will shatter when I find out that their products are probably not made ethically.  I try and reason this bad aspect with the fact that all their clothes tend to last over two seasons or more (so kind of sustainable) and everything is really versatile.

I’ve learned that I cannot tuck too many layers into skirts or pants as I am a bit conscious of my middle area.  Something I know I shouldn’t be so fussed about but it’s a work in progress.  Instead, I want to learn to work around it for now.

I’ve learned that I tend to steer clear from bright colors, bold patterns, and heavy accessories. My Winter 10×10 colors were on the darker side: blue, white, dark green, black, and grey (with some choice reds).

I’ve learned that good hair and makeup can really make my simple outfits look much nicer and make me feel cute, happy, and confident.

I’ve learned how to take pictures…or at least take better pictures of myself, which is a great accomplishment and honestly it makes my blog posts look way better! Huzzah!

And I’ve learned that the 10×10 Challenge community has been growing and I am so thankful for all the amazing ladies I’ve been able to interact with.  It’s such a treat to see such inspiring and thoughtful people out there.  I felt like I was never alone in this challenge and got some great support and ideas from the 10×10 feed on Instagram as well as my friends who had been reading my posts from day one.  So thank you ladies <3

It feels so great but also bittersweet to be closing my final blog post for the 2017 Winter 10×10 Challenge.  I am very much looking forward to the Spring 10×10 Challenge and will be blogging about it here in the near future.  I’ll be getting back to some Japan life blogging and because I enjoyed blogging about my personal fashion feats, I think I’ll be posting outfit(s) of the week here and there when I have time!  I already am bursting at the seams with so many ideas for this blog.  I feel very refreshed and ready to take this year on!

Thank you for reading!