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Winter 10 x 10: Look 9 

It’s the homestretch!! Wow I cannot believe that the Winter 10 x 10 Challenge is almost over!  Only one more day and I’m done.  I’ve learned so much during this challenge…mostly that I miss my other clothes.  I think after this challenge, I’m going to do a giant cleanup of my closet.  I also want to get some more storage bins for the clothes that aren’t in season because as of now they are sitting in these fabric zip containers at the bottom of my closet and I’ve noticed they don’t really seem to keep my clothes fresh…as in, after a few months of them sitting in there they smell musty and I think a plastic container would be much better.

ANYWAYS…haha I’ll post about my upcoming plans for my closet and future style / fashion posts later but lets get to Look 9!

Also if it’s your first time here swing back to my very first post about the challenge here! 

Look 9:


I used these pieces for this look:

-Old winter boots

-Uniqlo green box shirt

-Uniqlo old circle skirt

I’m also wearing some leggings from GU that tend to fall down quite easily..I think they are best worn under pants and not a skirt to be honest but all of my other leggings were hang drying so what can you do.  I’m also wearing a grey heat tech turtle neck and thick brown socks from Uniqlo. Lately turtlenecks have been my jam, which is funny because when I was a child I used to HATE them…like literally I would scream when my mom would force me into one.


So a few things…I probably should have pulled up my leggings before taking this photo but ah well roll with the punches. This is actually the first photo I’ve taken in this whole blog series where I’m wearing socks.  I only have two pairs of thick winter socks though, so all the other pairs I’ve been wearing are thin character socks that probably look ghastly in photos (see what I did there…haha if you know me, you know I own a lot of Pokemon socks).  Besides my leggings falling down, I really like this look.  At first I wanted to style this with a black turtleneck but I couldn’t locate a black one so I opted for a grey one and I actually like this better.  Maybe black on black would have been a bit too uniform?  Not sure.  As I said in Look 7, I would have rather had the green box shirt be a bit baggier.  I think it would have added some better shapes to this look.  Things I like about this look is the comfort factor as well as all the contrasting colors.  It all looks very put together and professional.  This is probably one of the most comfortable looks I’ve worn and since I’m so tired this Friday I’m glad I decided to go with something comfortable. I actually wore the circle skirt yesterday but I couldn’t be bothered to wash it and I really wanted to pair it with the box shirt today.  Nothing a bit of Febreeze can’t fix am I right?

This look is much better than yesterdays.  Lesson learned…the circle skirt looks much better with a shirt layered on top of it rather than tucked into it.






I’m wearing…wait you guessed blue Uniqlo coat yet again.  Now a few things, I really really miss my other coats/jackets.  I have quite a few that I’ve collected over the years I’ve been living in Japan..a black fuzzy one, a grey and brown reversible structured one, a jean jacket lined with fuzzy material, and a green military type.  I miss all of these…I can’t wait to wear them again.  I seriously cannot wait.  Once this challenge is over I’m taking a break from Mr. Blue Coat because I’m getting sick of it.  Though, I will not pretend that it doesn’t look amazing in pretty much everything I pair it with…and that is basically why I chose it for this challenge.


I’m also wearing my thick knit cardigan under the coat.  This is my “cheat” for today.  I just needed an extra layer because it’s so cold and this knit is a closet hero.


Kawaii Flair

Today’s Kawaii Flair is pretty low key, but I’m wearing one of my favorite lip colors: “Pudgy Peony” from Clinique’s chubby stick collection.  This is one of my most used lip colors ever.  It subtly reminds me of the color my grandma wears.  I think we have yet another thing in common: love for bright lipstick colors.  I’m also wearing this wonderful neck warmer I received as a holiday present.  It’s so warm and cute and I’m super excited about it because I’ve never actually owned a neck warmer before but they are pretty regular in Japan.  The last addition to today’s Kawaii Flair is a giant black hair tie.




So what do you think of today’s look?  I feel very much fatigued from blogging and taking pictures but I also love having something to do every day and this challenge has really helped me figure out my blogging niche as well as think up a ton of future blog ideas.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but today we are having a cloudy drizzly day so my picture’s lighting is so-so.   I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post and look out for tomorrow’s post on Look 10!

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