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Winter 10 x 10: Look 8

I’m back today with Look 8 for the Winter 10 x 10 Challenge! I’m not going to lie, I’m very much looking forward to ending this challenge because I’m getting pretty darn tired of wearing the same three bottoms and four tops… >.>

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Here’s Look 8:

I used these pieces:

-Black boots from China (bought years ago)

– White half button shirt from Uniqlo

-Black circle skirt


Hmmmm…haha yeahhh….  Well what’s funny about today’s look was that I was saving it for the end because I know it’s one of my go-to looks for work and just life in general but today I just wasn’t feeling it.  I can’t tell if it’s just because I’m fatigued from this challenge or if I’m just exhausted from the week..or what.  I mean there’s nothing completely wrong with it though I don’t really like how the circle skirt shows off my middle fat roll thing.  I think a lot of what is making my middle look bigger is the combination of wearing high waisted “undie-shorts”, thicker leggings than usual, and tucking my undershirt + blouse into it all.  I usually conquer this issue with wearing a cardigan over the skirt so the middle area is less noticeable.  Overall I feel pretty meh with everything about this look today.


Well as I’ve done for every single look beforehand, I styled this look with my blue Uniqlo coat, but I didn’t end up taking pictures with it on except for the very bottom picture because I was in a rush this morning.  Today I decided to show you this look with a thick knit button cardigan.  I usually wear this cardigan at work because my school is FREEZING.  I really like how the colors contrast and I think the cardigan makes the outfit look better and hides the midsection a bit.

Excuse my grumpy face…

Kawaii Flair I kinda failed in this section.  I just wasn’t really feeling kawaii today but I did add some red lipstick and I’m not sure if you can tell but in the first side view photo up top I’m waring a pink beaded bracelet.  I’m tired guys…..very very tired haha.

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