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Winter 10 x 10: Look 7 

Welcome back for another rendition of the Winter 10 x 10 Challenge where I’ll be styling ten different pieces ten different ways. This challenge is all about learning to make more with less and appreciating what you’ve got!  Today I’ll be talking about Look 7!  If it’s your first time here check out my very first post here and if you haven’t already check out my other posts: Look 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6.

Check out Look 7….

I used these three pieces today + my blue Uniqlo coat (again & probably always for this challenge haha)

-GU black jumpsuit

-Uniqlo green box shirt

-Lowry’s Farm “Mens” shoes


So today I wanted to switch it up a bit so I layered my green box shirt over my jumpsuit.  I really like how the layering looks though I do wish there was a bit more bagginess or seam allowance in the shirt to make it look a bit more slouchy.  It looks a bit more fitted than I would like but ah well I didn’t realize I would use this shirt for something I would layer over multiple things (I’m also wearing heat tech as well under the jump suit). I feel that this morning I could have done a better job on my makeup & hair but I was running super late and was extremely tired from my morning run.  I put in more time making my lunch and breakfast than taking actual pictures.  I do think that today’s pictures look a bit better and thats because I tucked my door curtain outside so the weird shadow on the right side wouldn’t be as noticeable.  I’m almost tempted to take the curtain down for picture taking purposes but then I’d feel a bit creeped out that people could see directly into my apartment when I’m not home (it doesn’t help that I’m on the first floor either).

Also (going back to this look), I really think what could have made this outfit look 1,000 times better would be if I had some sort of statement gold / silver necklace.  I feel like my whole upper area is missing something you know?


More about the hat in the Kawaii Flair section, but man I really love how all the colors contrast one another and even though everything is patternless and simple it all looks very nice.

Kawaii Flair

Today for my Kawaii Flair I’m wearing my…bowler hat?  What the heck is this even called?  I picked it up in Hongdae, South Korea two years ago on a trip.  I usually wear it during summer but it actually goes pretty nicely with this outfit. I’m also wearing some wooden handmade earrings I bought at a second hand shop called Glad Store.  I blogged about this store a few months ago and though I haven’t made a trip there in some time I really love everything I’ve got from there (second hand levi crop shorts, crop top, and linen top) and I wear most items weekly.

That’s it for today’s Winter 10 x 10 Challenge post!  I’ve been reallllly enjoying blogging everyday on this though it has been getting a bit tiring to say the least.  I mentioned this yesterday but I’m starting to get tired of waring the same things every day and honestly can’t wait to wear my good-ol flannel dress and long navy pleated shirt.

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