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Winter 10 x 10: Look 5

Hey everyone!  I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend, and to those who are already starting off their Monday (like me), you got this! Monday has always been my most difficult day of the week and it really sets the pace for how the rest of my week plays out. So if I’m healthy and meal plan, the rest of the week goes pretty smoothly.  If I don’t exercise or get lazy I end up kicking myself by Friday.  I’m patting myself on the back for actually rolling out of bed and going jogging and also I really like today’s look.  I took a bit of a break off on Sunday so today I’ll be picking back up from where I was on Saturday.  For those just getting here take a stroll back to my first post about the Winter 10×10 Challenge here, and then check out Look 1, Look 2, Look 3 and Look 4!

The pieces I picked for this look are:


-H&M oversized sweater

-Uniqlo black circle skirt

-Winter boots (bought back in 2012 in China)


So I really love this look.  It’s super simple and SO comfortable.  I’m wearing super thick winter leggings under my skirt as well as a fleece undershirt under my sweater. I’ve kinda noticed that in these shots at least, my black circle skirt almost looks navy but I assure you it’s just three years old and faded.  I really would love to pick up the same exact skirt if Uniqlo was still stocking these but I haven’t seen anything like it lately.

Overall I feel comfortable and confident in this look and those are the most important factors for me.

I’m also wearing my watch from TheHorse.  I got this watch last year for Christmas and I’ve just recently replaced the strap from light beige to black.  I think I like the black color much more than the beige since it stays cleaner much longer and goes with anything.


So today I’m wearing my blanket scarf again as well as my blue Uniqlo coat.  I wanted to show you a bit more of what the scarf can do in these next photos.  It’s just so versatile and adds great contrast to my rather plain looks.

Kawaii Flair

For today’s Kawaii Flair I’m sporting my Fuzzy Face Bag from The White Pepper.  I bought this bag over a year ago on The White Pepper’s webpage but as I’m blogging this now and trying to find the correct link for it I can’t seem to find their actual website anymore.  I wonder if they stopped using their online shop and only sell to stores like Urban Outfitters or Asos.  I’m slightly thankful I picked this bag up when I did because it seems like it’s much harder to find these days.

This bag is suuuper adorable and I always get compliments when I wear it out.  Everyone thinks it’s actually from Gibli or something like that but it’s actually just it’s own thing.  The only cons about this bag is that it’s SUPER TINY and I can only fit a few things in it like my phone, a coin purse, and maybe my wallet.  I don’t like that it’s so small since on outings I really like taking my camera with me and it’s a bit too bulky to fit into this bag.

And that’s it for Look 5!  I can’t believe we’ve already hit our halfway mark into the challenge!  I’ve faced a few challenges with wearing the same clothes but most issues have been pretty minor like laundry timing (I actually pulled the circle skirt out of my dirty laundry hamper and did a smell check lol).  Check out our lovely hosts’s of the Winter 10×10 Challenge: Style Bee and Un-Fancy for more wonderful style inspiration!

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