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Winter 10 x 10: Look 4 

So today I’m working from my phone so I hope the formatting on this blog post looks alright. Today I want to share Look 4 for the Winter 10 x 10 Challenge! If it’s your first time here peek back at my very first post and then check out Look 1, Look 2, and Look 3!

Here’s Look 4 without winter wear:

Today I chose these pieces for this look:


-Uniqlo green cropped box shirt

-Uniqlo grey work pants (no idea what these are actually called lol)

-Uniqlo blue coat

& also wore these puppies



So I don’t really feel as good as I’ve felt in other looks during this challenge. I didn’t really put much thought into this outfit and I was rushing packing my overnight bag to go to my boyfriend’s and just threw in three things for the next two days which I haven’t worn or haven’t worn in awhile for the challenge. I feel like the grey and green are too closely related on the color scale so it kinda washes me out and doesn’t add much contrast or pop. What’s kinda funny is I was almost thinking of using my black crop box shirt (same exact one as the green) for this challenge but I was worried that black on black would be kinda weird since I had my black jumpsuit as a solo piece as well as bottoms so I didn’t include it.  I am kinda regretting that now.  Overall I’m not feeling the outfit (the black top would have looked better), but it isn’t horrible.  I just feel like this is a bit of a put down compared to yesterday.  Ah well.

So I don’t know if you noticed or not but I’m at a new location today: my boyfriend’s.  His apartment is pretty empty and has a bit of a different color scheme but I ended up being able to pull off quite similar photos so I’m pretty happy!


Adding my outerwear actually made me feel much more chick and comfortable in this outfit.  Maybe because the coat and the scarf conceals most of it…whoops lol.

I will say, I LOVE this scarf.  I pulled it out of my closet yesterday and only use it on really cold days.  I bought this in Harajuku years ago when I was living in Tokyo.  During that time I had never experienced a real winter (I’m from southern California) so this scarf saved me during my first ever snow experience and winter.  I love that this scarf can fold out into a blanket to sit on, I can use it as a shawl, and as it’s traditional purpose…a scarf. Plus it adds a pop of color which is nice!

Kawaii Flair

Sadly today I don’t think I have much Kawaii Flair going on.  When I’m staying somewhere else it’s hard to bring so much with me so I didn’t bring any accessories or pins with me.  Though, I’m pretty cute in general so…today I’ll just say I embody the whole Kawaii Flair aspect.

That’s it for Look 4!  Also I wanted to give a shout out to Seasons & Salt who mentioned me in her last blog post!  Thank you so much!  It really brightened my day to find an amazing blogger who I’ve been following for quite some time mention me (literally did a skip around the boyfriend’s apartment this morning).  <3  Check out Seasons & Salt’s Look 3 & 4 here and don’t forget to check out our lovely hosts of this challenge: Style Bee and Un-Fancy.

Thank you so much for stopping by!