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Winter 10 x 10: Look 3

Hey everyone, first off thanks so much for stopping by for Look 3 of the Winter 10 x 10 Challenge.  If this is your first time here swing back to my first post about the Challenge here, and check out Look 1 and Look 2!

Today was also an easy day for me in regards to picking out this look mostly because I had a mental picture and this time it worked! I opted to wear my GU jumper once again (I wore this for Look 1 as well) and this time try it with my white Uniqlo half button shirt underneath.  I had first tried to attempt this for Look 1 with my striped Uniqlo shirt underneath but since the shirt is super thick the jumpsuit looked tight and ill fitting so I changed the whole look over again.  Anyways, today I tried to wear a lighter shirt under the jumpsuit and man it looks WAY BETTER!  Note to self, wear thin shirts under jumpsuit not thick ones. Lesson learned.

I used these items for Look 3:


As you can see I’m not wearing any shoes and this is because I have tatami flooring all throughout my apartment.  Customarily, your not supposed to wear shoes inside in general in Japan but also the tatami can get dirty easily.  I actually paid for this tatami flooring myself so I try to keep it nice and clean as much as possible.





I’m actually smiling in the first photo.  I noticed that most of my last posts didn’t really include me smiling haha. Also sorry I think the last photo here is a bit blurry.  I’m using my camera remotely on my phone and then using a timer so sometimes it doesn’t focus.


So I looooove this jumpsuit.  Like maybe I love it more than a few people I know haha.  I bought this last September at GU for like…20 bucks. For those of you who don’t know, GU is basically a sister brand of Uniqlo but much cheaper.  I usually only shop there for under shirts and underwear but sometimes I find gems like this jumpsuit. The cons about this jumpsuit is that its super cheap and the fabric has already started to wear down and it’s only like 5 months old..  I reallly wish I could find this exact same jump suit in better quality fabric.  It fits me super well.  Does anyone know of any better quality ethical alternatives? Sorry getting a bit sidetracked here.  I’ve worn this jumpsuit a ton since I’ve bought it and always feel super stylish and comfortable in it.  Under the jumpsuit I’m wearing my half button white dress shirt from Uniqlo.  I purchased this last May and it’s still doing quite fine.  I usually go through a lot of white shirts but ever since I’ve switched my deodorant to aluminum free I haven’t had any issues with sweat stains and have only been using two white shirts for work for the past half year.  Huzaah!  Overall I love this look so much.  I think this may possibly be my favorite out of the three I’ve styled so far.


Sorry this may get boring.  I’m basically using the same three items over again.  Russet backpack, Uniqlo red scarf, and Uniqlo blue coat.





I really like this last picture 🙂 and the Russet bag’s light color really compliments the outfit.

Kawaii Flair

Well today I was super lazy and running late to work so I didn’t have much time to add anything kawaii but I did spend some time on my hair and making it look cute so that’ll be my kawaii flair today.


Thats it for Look 3.  I’m super happy with today’s look and I am very much looking forward to the weekend. Also be sure to check out Style Bee’s blog for her Look 3 as well as Un-Fancy’s both of whom are hosting this wonderful challenge!  Thank you so much for stopping by and leave a comment below if you want me to check out your 10 x 10 posts or blog 🙂