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Winter 10 x 10: Look 2

Hey everyone!  Wow first off I’m so happy with how many of you liked my first look for the Winter 10 x 10 Challenge.  If you’re getting here late, check out my first post about the challenge here and check out Look 1 as well!

Today was SO MUCH EASIER than yesterday.  I think maybe because I was mentally prepared to make Look 2 and I’m not sure…. today I feel like I’m in a much better place than I was yesterday.  I got really motivated from everyone else’s blogs and Instagram posts as well, so maybe that’s why I’m super hyped to write up today’s post.  I also have been looking forward to waking up and reading Style Bee’s post as well as Un-Fancy’s post (being a day behind….err ahead in Japan does have it’s perks).

So here’s Look 2!





Today I used these three pieces:


-Uniqlo striped cropped box shirt

-Uniqlo black circle skirt

-Uniqlo blue coat

& I also wore my Lowry’s Farm “Mens” shoes to finish the look



I very much feel like myself in this outfit.  I’ve always been drawn to striped shirts ever since I was a kid so nothing new there.  I often and usually only wear skirts so today’s outfit made me feel pretty darn comfortable (minus my super cold bike ride to work). Sometimes I feel like stripes don’t completely flatter my figure but I love how they look too much to give them up (especially layered under a thick wooly cardigan or coat). I also wore a fleece turtle neck under my shirt and wore thick black tights.  Overall I really like today’s look and most of these pieces are my go-to pieces even if I wasn’t doing the challenge.  I again worry my outfits are coming off as kinda boring but as I teach and work in a professional environment in Japan not much can really be done about it haha. To be honest, the striped shirt might be a bit too casual for work but I don’t really care.




I’m wearing my blue coat (I’ll be wearing this for all ten looks) as well as a red scarf from…….you guessed it Uniqlo haha. I really like how the coat makes the shirt pop.

Kawaii Flair

I’m wearing my Russet backpack again.  I thought that yesterday’s picture didn’t really do the bag justice and so I wanted to show how it looks on.  I keep trying to make excuses to talk about this bag because I’m still swooning over it (thank you Tusyoshi <3).



I still can’t get over the cute handmade bunny charm.  Ahhh…nothing like a cute charm to brighten your day right?

I’m not sure if you can see but I also added my Glitterchu pin on my right pocket (you can see it in the bottom picture).  I loooove this pin.  If you follow me on Snapchat or Insagram, I think the first week I got it I kept snapping videos of it’s glittery cuteness.


Excuse my dry fingers and old nail color haha.  I got the Glitterchu pin from this awesome pin maker: Sour Attitude Club.

AND my last kawaii flair addition was a cute red bow clip:




Wow okay so I think I got an A+ on my Kawaii Flair aspect 🙂  Also I think I’m finally learning how to take some better pictures.

I’m basically using a step ladder and balancing my camera on Michael Crichton’s The Lost World but hey whatever works right?

I can’t wait to see everyone’s posts and pictures so if you want me to check out your blog or post leave a comment below!  Thank you so much for reading!