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Winter 10 x 10: Look 10

I took a break this weekend from blogging but now that it’s Monday, I’m back today with my very last look of the Winter 10×10 Challenge!  Wow! What a wonderful experience this has been for me, but I’ll get more into what I’ve learned later.  Today I’ll just be focusing on Look 10.

If it’s your first time here check out my very first post here, and take a look all my other looks (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9).  Thanks in advance 🙂

And finally, Look 10!


For my last look I chose these pieces:

-Uniqlo grey work pants

-H&M oversized sweater

-Lowry’s Farm “Mens” shoes

I also styled this look with my blue Uniqlo coat


This look is probably one of the simplest out of the ten.  Really its just the oversized sweater and the pants.  I didn’t really want to do this look to be honest, but the only other combinations I didn’t try was either my striped box shirt over or under my jumpsuit (I tried fitting it under for the first look but failed, so I changed and ended up with this sweater over the jumpsuit instead) OR the box shirt with the grey pants which is a hard NO because the stripes would clash.  So here we are.  At first I wasn’t too excited about this look but when it was paired with my blue overcoat I grew to really like it.  The oversized sweater, which I think I bought last winter, goes really well with almost everything I pair it with.  It’s super warm and versatile so it’s definitely one of my favorite pieces from this challenge.  The pants were a bit of a meh and almost a bit too big for me.  I think I could have picked something better for the challenge but I really wanted to see how I could style these.


I added my blue winter coat and my red scarf for going outside.  I’ve used both of these pieces for almost half of my looks and I just really like how the red scarf pops and creates great contrast to the overall look.




Kawaii Flair

I wore my black ribbon clip and curled my hair for Look 10’s Kawaii Flair. I also took a picture with my cute lil hat since it was kinda just sitting there wanting to be worn.  I didn’t end up wearing the hat out though because the winds have been crazy recently and I can’t chance losing this wonderful find.



A glasses-less photo of me.  How do I look?  I can’t really not wear glasses but I love taking photos of myself without them because I don’t really get how I look clearly without wearing them.

And that’s it for the Winter 10 x 10 Challenge!  Wow I had such an amazing time doing this.  Look forward to a reflection post in the next coming days.  I want to discuss my favorite looks, what I’ve learned, and some upcoming blog content!  🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by!