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Winter 10 x 10: Look 1

Wow to say that this morning wasn’t a roller coaster of emotions would be a lie.  I guess that’s why we call this a challenge.  I had to change three times because I was not happy with the way I styled my first look.  I felt frumpy and…I’m going to drop the F bomb here…fat.  I had a little bit of a mini freak out, mostly because I really wanted to get some good pictures of the outfit but I have no idea what I’m doing..and I didn’t want to look like a whale in the pictures either, so I changed and styled my clothes a different way. My second attempt was better but I wasn’t completely sold so I changed once more and finally felt comfortable and stylish in the look I chose. Basically,  I can already tell these next ten days are going to be difficult but I’m up for it.

PS: If you are new to the Winter 10 x 10 Challenge, check out my first post about it here!

I used these three items:


-H&M oversized sweater

-GU one piece jumpsuit

-Lowry’s Farm “Mens” shoes

and then I added my Uniqlo blue overcoat to top it off for my outside look.

(I also wore some Uniqlo heat tech leggings and long sleeve under everything.  Heat tech is basically long underwear.  I will not be counting any leggings or under shirts in this challenge because I don’t think it really changes how I’ll style anything)

I’ll be using Style Bee’s blog as a template on how I’ll be organizing this post: Thoughts, Outside, (and my own addition) Kawaii Flair.  By the way if you haven’t checked out her first outfit, you really should because it’s simply gorgeous.


Well as I mentioned before, I stumbled though this morning’s style pick which left me feeling a bit down on myself.  The outfit itself is pretty simple and SUPER comfortable.  The one thing I love about this H&M oversized knit is that it’s basically a blanket in sweater form.  I’m also wearing the jumpsuit underneath the sweater which I found was an nice way to layer and make the jumpsuit actually just look like wide leg pants haha.  I’m slightly worried about going to the restroom since I’ll have to take off my sweater first and then take the jumpsuit off from the top up.  I’ll keep you guys posted on that later.  Overall I really like how the look ended out.  It doesn’t really flatter my figure but it’s hard to flatter curves in winter while trying to stay warm to be honest.


For my outside look I added my Uniqlo blue overcoat.  I really like this coat.  I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and I was a bit stuck on whether I should buy the XL or the L.  I ended up getting the XL so I could wear a bunch of layers underneath and still button it.  By the way..these are Japanese sizes so your not tripping balls…sizes are just smaller here.

Kawaii Flair

I decided to add my own sub category since I want to stay true to my own personal style of kawaii / Disney additions.   Today’s kawaii flair was pretty subpar…whoops.  I added my “Adventure Time” beanie as well as sported my brand new Russet backpack with a cute bunny charm.

Whew!  I can’t wait to see what everyone else has come up with and I’ve also been lurking a few other bloggers who also decided to join the challenge.  Comments, questions, want me to check out your blog?  Comment below 🙂

Thank you for reading!