Practicing Minimalism and conscious consumerism in Japan

Winter 10 x 10 Challenge

Last summer I participated (partially) in Style Bee’s 10 x 10 Challenge (find my post here) and this winter I decided to join in and actually wear each outfit to work (or out), take pictures, and blog about it here!  If you don’t know about Style Bee you can find her blog here, and you can read about the Winter  10 x 10 Challenge here.  Style Bee basically encompasses everything I want my style to be #stylegoals haha.  I of course often add my own little kawaii and Disney flair to most of my outfits as well and I can’t wait to see how I will do with this year’s challenge.

 In this blog post I’ll be talking about the 1o pieces of clothing as well as some foreseeable issues I can see happening while doing this challenge.

10 Pieces






-Uniqlo striped cropped box shirt

-Uniqlo white half button shirt (bought in summer). Elegant but also can be played down to casual.

-H&M oversized knit sweater

-Uniqlo green box shirt (recently purchased in fall).  I really love this shirt, so much so that I also bought one in black as well.  I actually thought I would wear the black one more but surprisingly the green one is always the first thing I pick.





-Uniqlo black circle skirt (old, bought in 2014).  I bought this skirt FOREVER ago but it still seems to be a staple in my work and even weekend attire.  The color is a bit faded but I love it regardless. It’s comfortable and super versatile.

-Uniqlo grey work pants

-GU one piece jumper (not exactly sure what to call this).  I picked up this piece a few months ago.  It was about 20 bucks and it’s definitely already starting to wear down.  I’ve only washed it a few times.  I wish I could find this exact same piece in better materials haha.





-Black lace-up boots (from 2012, no idea what the brand is)

-Uniqlo blue button up coat

-Lowry’s Farm “Men’s Shoes” Black

 Foreseeable Issues

So I have a few issues I can already see just by looking at these pieces.  First off, WOAH I didn’t realize I had so many pieces from Uniqlo.  I guess it makes sense since most items from Uniqlo work well for teaching and plus… Uniqlo has sizes that actually fit me (lets just say I don’t do one size fits all).

 Anyways the fact that I own so much from Uniqlo isn’t really an issue but I do see that I may get a bit bored with my outfits since everything is pretty plain. I hope to tackle that with using accessories and upping my hair & makeup game.

  I also worry I may get a bit cold at work.  Schools in Japan rarely have central heating so I may have to “cheat” and grab a wooly cardigan to snuggle in while I’m at my desk or teaching.

I also worry whether or not I’ll be able to wash all my outfits in a timely manner.  Dryers are a rare commodity in Japan so I’ll have to air dry everything.  I think I may have to plan at least two outfits in advance or just do some Febreezing haha.

Thats it!  It’s not too late to join in on the challenge.  I look forward to seeing what everyone else will come up with!

Thank you for reading 🙂