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Spring Capsule Roundup

As spring rears around the corner I’ve finally gotten around to pulling out some of my spring essentials.  I realize that more than any of my other seasonal clothes, my spring wardrobe is probably one of the most versatile yet sparse capsules I’ve had to date.  I wanted to take this time to review what I have, brainstorm on some outfit ideas, and make a note of any colors and silhouettes I want to add in for this season.

Spring Roundup


So I do have a few other things I’ll be adding in but these two are the jackets I hope to get the most wear out of.  I feel like I didn’t wear either of these enough last year.  I purchased both of these when I first arrived in Japan (2014) and was super excited about all of the different styles and shapes of spring outerwear I could find.  The top green jacket is super versatile and comfortable and I absolutely love it.  The bottom half trench is a bit awkward since it’s clearly for a flat chested person and doesn’t sit well on me when I button it. However, it looks super nice open and I’ll most likely be styling it that way.

I also have a few other things you may see on this blog for spring that I have yet to take photos of:

-Jean Jacket (literally wore this for ALL of spring last year and I can’t wait to break it out)

-Long grey/white cardigan / duster

-Reversible coat (styled here)


So I’m very much lacking in the top category this spring, actually I always feel this way when spring rolls around. It’s probably because it’s still too cold to wear something loose and thin (which is everything they are selling right now) but not freezing enough to still wear winter clothes so I always feel stuck in this area.  I do have a few things I could take from my work wardrobe to sub in, but most of them are just simple button up shirts (white and green) and that’s pretty much it.  The top right blue Old Navy shirt’s fabric is almost too light for spring and I may have to switch it out for something else but I’ll try and see if I can work it in for early spring.  As for the bottom left white blouse, I have no idea how I’ll style this. It’s far too thin to go alone and it’s usually meant for going under something but I’ve barely worn it this winter or even last spring so I’m hoping I can find a way to style it.


I feel much better in this department.  I know for a fact I wear every single piece and I know I’ll get my use out of them.  I would like to try and add some sort of skirt to this capsule though but I don’t really have any styles in mind.  The bottom left floral blue is a wide leg pant meant more for summer (I wore almost every day last summer) but I’m going to try and see if I can wear them for spring this year.  What I love about these pants is that the legs are so wide that they are often mistaken for a skirt.  I’d also like to add some sort of white pant, I heard that sometime in April Everlane is planning on doing international shipping and I may have to bounce on that and pick up their wide leg crop pants in bone.  I’ve been eyeing these pants for quite some time so I may have to add them to my wishlist and maybe delete something.


Another area I’m clearly lacking in.  Last year I made a goal of trying to find the perfect denim dress and I did indeed find it.  Sadly, that’s all I found.  I’d love to find a nice floral dress to add in if I can. I do have my Kowtow Introduction Dress that I know will be easy for spring, and I also have another black dress I’ll be debuting later on this week.  I’m all about dresses so I find it a bit weird that I only have one for spring haha.

So after looking at all the colors in my capsule I’ve made a swatch for myself.  I tend to choose blues, whites, and grays which is no surprise.  I’ve always reached for these colors.  I’ve been wanting to add in a bit more of a pop to my capsule so I’m on the hunt for some sort of blush colored tops or skirt.  Here’s what my swatch would look like if I added in some warmer tones:

My Spring Colors.jpg

A blush and chocolate red (?) would be  some pretty colors to add and I think would work great with what I already have.

As for what I want to add, as some of you guys know, I’ve been in a shopping fast for the past four weeks.  I am considering extending for another month or so but I do want to add in a few things to this capsule so I may re-draft my wishlist and then only allow myself to buy something if it’s on my wishlist.  Thoughts?  Questions? Comments?  Write a little note below! I’d love to see all of your spring capsule closet roundups. I need some styling ideas and have barely had a chance to think about how exactly I’ll be working with what I’ve got. I’m hoping a Spring 10X10 Challenge will be coming soon.  Thanks for reading <3