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Spring 10×10 Recap

Wow this post is later than I expected.  I haven’t really planned this out so get ready for things to be a bit scattered.  First off on a personal note, I’ve been SO BUSY.  Classes are finally kicking off for me and I’ve been running around all day making copies, lesson planning, working one on one with students, and of course teaching.  I always forget how busy the first semester in Japan is.  Finally I have a break between classes so I’ll try and get out what I want to say about the Spring 10×10 Challenge.

I’m so glad it’s over.  I know I said that after the Winter 10×10 Challenge as well, but the spring challenge was super difficult for me this year.  I had a lot of mixed feelings about my clothing picks as well as a very low dip in my self esteem.  I don’t think it’s appropriate to apologize for venting on my own blog, but thank you to those who consoled me and helped me get through it.  I really appreciate it.

Here’s a rough outline of how this post will be organized:

-Closet Winners

-Closet Losers

-Best Outfits

-Worst Outfits

-Overall Takeaway

Closet Winners


Ah the jean jacket.  This one is just one of my absolute favorite pieces of spring outerwear I own.  I wore this probably on every outing last year and it’s holding out very nicely for it’s second year.  This piece makes everything look a bit edgy and helps make my work outfits a bit more casual.


These are actually new, and relatively cheap so I am not sure how long they last but they really helped spice up my outfits and were super easy to take on and off.  Since living in Japan, the ability to slip a shoe off and on easily has become one of the top considerations for picking out shoes since everyday I have to take my shoes off when entering most buildings (home/work/doctors office). I would love to find a more consciously made pair after these wear out but for now, I’ll be wearing them a lot.


The Uniqlo jumpsuit was the definite closet hero of this challenge.  Not only was it incredibly comfortable and stylish but it just looks darn good on me.

Closet Losers


The GU wide legged pants, styled in both Look 1 and Look 6 were just incredibly difficult for me to work with and although some of my friends said they look fine, they were SO uncomfortable.  These have been sitting in my spare room because I don’t even want to look at them haha.  I’m not sure if I’ll hold on to them and try them again after I lose a bit of weight (an ongoing process) OR just toss em or give them to a skinner friend.  In any case, I’m still not sure exactly if the wide leg look works for me or not, but I don’t think I want to give up just yet.

Best Outfits


I think both my followers and I agree that I can work pastels.  I’m not sure if this is because I’ve been wanting to wear them for so long, or if the colors just work really well with my skin tone but this outfit was perfect in my opinion.  It worked great for work, and if I swapped the cardigan with my jean jacket it could also work nicely for a casual outing.


Another outfit I really enjoyed wearing.  The socks and sandal combo really worked for me and it’s actually something I’ve always wanted to try but I didn’t actually own the shoes to pull it off until just recently.  I love this high waisted skirt from H&M as well and though it’s a bit tight fitting it’s been a closet staple of mine for ages.  Plus again, the lighter colors work really well with my complexion!

Worst Outfits


I felt like this whole outfit was a bit too baggy and I should have picked a better outerwear to pair with the jumpsuit.  Not only that but the socks were kinda weird and I probably should have picked shorter socks.


The biggest reason this is put in the worst outfit category is how I felt in it.  I felt the legs weren’t cropped correctly and made my tiny feet look strange and the pants actually show the flabby parts of my body instead of hiding them.


I think the biggest lesson I learned in this challenge is that not all shapes and silhouettes work on every body.  As much as I want to look like the skinny models in the magazines or the perfect bloggers, at 4 feet 11 inches that isn’t going to happen.  As a short girl, fashion comes more difficult and I think overcoming that obstacle is probably going to be the hardest thing I’ll have to do in regards to my personal fashion goals.

After this challenge I now know I’ve got my work uniform down pat.  My go-to look of slacks or a skirt with a button up and a cardigan is so simple, yet it makes me stylish and comfortable.  The only issue I have with this is I don’t feel 100% myself when wearing this uniform.  I get that when working in a professional environment we have to wear more professional clothes but I feel like it kinda splits my wardrobe in half: work clothes & weekend clothes.  I feel like I can’t exactly express myself the way I want to at work which makes me feel caged.

So in response to those feelings, I think my next personal style goal is to find a way to feel happy and myself in my work uniform.

Thanks to all of you who were reading along and giving me support during the Spring 10×10 Challenge.  Lee of Stylebee has already announced that a summer 10×10 will be coming up so I’m very excited to try and take part in that one as well.

A big thank you to Unfancy and Stylebee for putting together this fun challenge.  I really enjoyed connecting with other bloggers and seeing everyone’s awesome looks on Instagram.