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Spring 10 x 10: Look 8

Hey everyone!  We’ve finally hit Wednesday!  I feel like this week has been especially slow.  Tuesday felt like Friday haha.  Anyways, as some of you may have noticed I didn’t get around to posting Look 7 and that’s mostly because I had zero time in the morning to figure out what combination of pieces I wanted to wear and then I realized that zipping up an easy dress was probably the quickest solution to my dilemma. So, I ended up just wearing a random dress that wasn’t even part of the 10×10.  I probably could have avoiding this issue if I had ironed everything out the night before and made a mental note what to wear but I decided to give myself more sleep.  Ah well, things happen.  I also feel especially happy to have released myself from the stupid pants haha.  I decided I’ll just finish the challenge without them and just use 9 pieces for the last two days.  Moving on, let’s talk about Look 8!

Look 8:

Today’s Pieces:

-Uniqlo pink short sleeve button up

-Uniqlo pants

-Jean jacket (not pictured)

-Lowry’s Farm oxfords (not pictured)

-Uniqlo green cardigan (not part of the 10×10)


Today I thought I’d show you guys how I usually dress for work in Japan.  I’ll usually always wear slacks like these or a skirt (either pencil or circle), a button up, and a cardigan.  As I mentioned in Look 4, this is my basic uniform.  As the weather gets hotter and more humid, I’ll switch the pants out for longer shorts (think hiking khakis haha) or skirts and dresses.  This cardigan I’m wearing is actually new.  I realized I didn’t have any lighter color cardigans other than a baby blue one so I went out and bought this green one and a yellow one for spring and summer.  Pretty much everything I’m wearing today is from Uniqlo.  A brand that isn’t by any means ethical but their clothes have been known to last for many seasons and with their minimal design I can easily build a simple yet flattering capsule with their basics.  Uniqlo is one brand I’ll willingly buy without guilt because I know I’ll be using everything I purchase from them, especially their Heat Tech or Airism.

Anyways yep, today’s look is super simple, no surprise there.  I wore my jean jacket on my commute to work and then switched back to this cardigan when I got to my desk.  I like that the jean jacket kinda casuals things up so when I’m outside of school I look a bit more relaxed.  If I were my 16 self right now and saw what I was wearing today I would probably think that wasn’t me but I feel like I’ve been able to pinpoint my personal style these days especially thanks to the 10×10 challenge (I’m finally accepting it’s okay to have more than one pair of something like overalls because I’m happy in them and they work for me).  Anyways, I’m very much excited for the next two days and then the weekend!

Today’s schedule: (I loved Lee’s idea so I’m stealing this idea haha) I’ll be at school but I only have one class so I’ll try and focus on studying some Japanese but if I get distracted I’ll probably go back to reading “The Boss”.  After work I’ll be going straight home and waiting for my package I plurge ordered from SK2 (I’m very excited to try this beauty product). I’ll probably finish the night by watching Big Bang Theory (season 8) and maybe sewing another Turtle.

Thank’s for stopping by!

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