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Spring 10 x 10: Look 6 

Wow I can’t believe the weekend is already over.  It was way too short for me.  I got some much needed relaxing time at home, and I feel much more refreshed and ready to go for the rest of this week.  I don’t know about you but I ate far too much yesterday for Passover / Easter celebrations.  Most of it was sugary so I have a bit of a stomachache which is almost a bit nostalgic because I would always feel kinda sick the day after Easter even when I lived back in the states (I blame the giant chocolate easter bunnies).  Anyways, today I’m here to introduce Look 6 of the Spring 10×10 Challenge.

If it’s your first time here check out my very first post on the Spring 10×10 here.  And if you haven’t already check out last week’s Look 5.

Today’s Look:

Today’s pieces:

-GU wide legged “cropped” pants

-GU strappy sandals

-jean jacket

-Lowry’s Farm white shirt

With jacket:


As I mentioned in Look 5, I thought I’d give these pants one more chance.  I’m glad I did because I learned a very big lesson today.  THESE PANTS DO NOT WORK.  I am always so drawn to new shapes and silhouettes especially something as fresh as the wide legged cropped pants BUT these just do not flatter my body type at all (final conclusion).  Which makes me laugh out loud because Everlane’s website claims that this shape apparently is “the most flattering pants you’ll ever try” claiming basically it flatters all figures. Now I’m not wearing the Everlane pants here (these are dupes from GU for like 20 bucks) but the fact that I only got a week to decide if I wanted to take the plunge and buy Everlane’s wide leg pants after I’ve read so many reviews saying the sizing is extremely weird and off, and on short people they aren’t even cropped at all, I thought it would be a waste of money to buy them and then have to return them OR pay more to get them cropped.  I think I’ll wait to try Everlane’s cropped pants in person when I visit San Francisco in August.

Either way, these GU pants SUCK (I usually do so well at GU so I’m fairly disappointed). Now here’s the question.  Is it actually the wide legged shape that is weird?  Or is it the fabric and brand?  Personally, I feel like it’s a combination of the two.  The other day I went to Uniqlo and they had some wide legged jeans showcasing so I thought I’d try them on and they looked much better than these but they were in no way cropped.  But at the same time, they just don’t look as good as I don’t know…..a pair of nicely fitted skinny jeans (cropped correctly for my short legs) or just regular pants (like the grey ones I wore in Look 4).  Besides that, I tried wearing a thong today to try and combat the weird all day wedgie I’m feeling form when I wear these but the thong made it even worse.  So now I’m incredibly uncomfortable at work hating my life because of the giant all day wedgie I’m going to have to battle with.

I’m just frustrated that I can’t even seem to fit in a XL in Japanese sizes.  It’s completely frustrating and frankly annoying.  I don’t know whether to blame myself for the recent weight gain and trying to fit into these jeans or if I should cut myself some slack because Japanese people are tiny (but let me remind you I’m also “tiny” at 4 feet 11 inches, just rounder haha).

Regardless, these pants are going to be retired until either I lose weight, or idk decide to throw them away.

Thanks for reading!

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