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Spring 10 X 10: Look 5

So, it’s Friday over in Japan and let me just say how happy I am for the weekend.  This week has been a bit difficult for me mentally and I finally feel a bit better today (thanks to my morning run) and very excited for this weekend’s events.  If it’s your first time here, check out my first post about the Spring 10×10 Challenge here, and if you haven’t already, check out yesterday’s Look 4 here!

Look 5:

Today’s Pieces:

-Bryr Clogs, in black leather

-Uniqlo Jumpsuit

-Mid trench


So today I wanted to wear my jumpsuit again because it’s dead comfortable and I realized a lot of my pieces are much more form fitting than I’m used to (or possibly just too tight due to recent weight gain) so I wanted to feel as comfortable as possible today.  I was tempted to wear my wide legged GU black pants but I’m not even sure I want to use them for the challenge anymore as one of my commenters said I had a wedgie when I wore them which kinda made me feel self conscious.  I think I’ll try and style them next Monday and hopefully I can work with them.  If not, they may just be too small for me, which is disheartening because they are an XL.  I can always switch them out though, and maybe go back to them when I lose like…ten pounds. Anyways, enough about a pair of pants I didn’t even wear today.

I tried to style the jumpsuit differently but as I said in Look 2, I can’t really add any other pieces on top of this other than a jacket so I tried to add some fun accessories.  I’m wearing my little hat I got from my trip to Seoul two years ago.  I love this hat, and I would be wearing it out today but it’s been so windy lately it’ll probably just blow off on my bike ride to work.  I’m also holding a cute Duffy Bear clutch, which I don’t really think it’s supposed to be a clutch but eh.  I was tempted to do “kawaii flair” for this challenge like I did for my Winter 10×10, but I just haven’t had the time to plan anything out.  I also decided to switch up my jacket and wear this fun short trench to mix things up. I really like how it pairs with the jumpsuit and when I wear it closed it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing a jumpsuit, just comfy pants.

I’m wearing my clogs out today instead of the other shoes I have chosen just because I’m kinda getting bored.  I think I broke a lot of rules today (well I don’t even know if the 10×10 really has rules) but I don’t feel guilty about it, I feel refreshed.

I’ll be taking a break this weekend on the 10×10 and I’ll be back on Monday for Look 6!  Thanks for stopping by!