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Spring 10 X 10: Look 4 

Hello everyone.  Thank’s so much for checking out Day 4 of the Spring 10×10 Challenge.  If it’s your first time here, check out my very first post about the challenge here.

Look 4:

Today’s Pieces:

-Jean jeacket

-GU sandals

-Uniqlo gray work pants

-Uniqlo baby blue button blouse


Today’s look is verrry simple.  I woke somewhat early but was busy doing some other things and didn’t get around to taking a lot of pictures or really focusing on taking pictures. This is basically my work uniform: a button up blouse + pants / skirt + outerwear. I picked up these pants from Uniqlo recently because I felt basically I only had black pants and since it’s spring I wanted to lighten things up.  How do they look? A bit too tight perhaps?  I think these are larges, but if I went any higher they might be too big and baggy and I’ve been trying not to make myself drown in clothes due to my lack in self confidence.  To me it’s a bit too tight, but maybe this is normal?

I styled my hair very 2007 today, super flipped out and straight.  I figured I might as well do something different.  The color palette is very light here so I like how the shoes and jean jacket take away from the lighter colors.  Overall a very simple but put together look. Perfect for teaching or any other sort of professional work.

Thanks for stopping by!