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Spring 10 X 10: Look 3 

Hello ya’ll.  It’s a lovely sunny Wednesday here on my side of the world and I’m happy to present Look 3 of the Spring 10×10 Challenge.  If it’s your first time here check out my  very first post about the Spring 10×10 Challenge for more information as well as my ten pieces.  To put it short, the 10×10 Challenge is about taking 10 pieces of clothing, and styling them 10 different ways for 10 days.  I have high hopes I can improve simplicity in my wardrobe (and life) as well try and find new ways to style the clothes I already have.

Look 3:

Today’s Pieces:

-Jean jacket

-H&M button skirt

-Lowry’s Farm vneck tee

-GU heeled sandals

So I’m really digging the color palette of today’s look.  Although the only colors that are technically matching are my socks and shirt, I really like how the blue jean jacket contrasts with the beige skirt.


To be honest, my grumpy sour mood has not gone away since yesterday.  As much as I know I look awesome in this look (and probably the best look as of yet), I don’t feel that way on the inside.  I’m suffering from a dip in my self confidence.  I’ve been feeling unattractive and overweight as of late.  I did a stupid thing and weighed myself this morning and this always gets me upset (basically ruins my day) and it turns out that I am at the highest weight I’ve ever been in my life: a shocking 143 pounds which is incredibly unhealthy for a person with a height under 5 feet.  I know I shouldn’t look this way so it’s leaving my feeling very down.  I think during the Winter 10×10 Challenge I was so covered up and layered that I kinda used that to ignore how I felt about myself.  Now with all the layers gone I don’t feel happy looking at myself and I’ve noticed I tend to wear oversized clothes to hide in.  Anyways, I just needed a place to vent and get some of my feelings out (apologies).

As for how this is styled.  I think I did a good job.  I love the socks and sandal combo.  I feel very stylish here.  I don’t usually wear any accessories so I feel like the socks were a good addition to make things look a bit more chick.  The jean jacket is always a winner and I absolutely love it.  I’m also wearing Glossier’s matte lipstick “Generation G” in crush.  It’s one of my favorite lipsticks to wear and I totally recommend checking out their website.

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I actually ordered two more colors and I can’t wait till my mom sends them to me in a little care package which will hopefully arrive sometime in the next year or so haha.

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