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Spring 10 X 10: Look 2 

Hey!  It’s already Tuesday where I live and I’m rearing to go for Day 2 of the Spring 10×10 Challenge! If it’s your first time here, check out my first post all about the challenge and my ten picks here, and if you haven’t already check out my first look here.

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed so excuse my grumpycat face.  It’s rainy and way too cold for what I’m wearing but since I’ll be spending most of my time inside it’s not that big of a deal.  I’m also sad because a lot of the sakura have started to fall because of the crazy strong winds today, hopefully they’ll stick around for another day or two because tomorrow we’ll have some clear weather.

More on cherry blossoms in Japan here!

Moving on, here’s today’s look!

 Look 2:

Today’s Pieces:

-jean jacket (which I later switched out for a different jacket)

-Uniqlo jumpsuit (JP version here / .COM version here)

-GU strappy sandals


So I really like this jumpsuit mostly because it’s the most comfortable thing I’ve worn to work all month.  I feel like I’m wearing pajamas.  I’m all about jumpsuits and overalls, or “one pieces” as they are called in Japan (note: “one piece” can also mean dress in Japan). I like the slouchy yet fitted look.  The only issue I have is that this is going to be incredibly difficult to style.  I wore my strappy sandals for the photo to make the look less boring and I realized I wasn’t sure how I feel about the jean jacket.  I’m not sure if I’m into jean on navy, or different shades of blue on blue.  Some people can pull it off, I’m not sure if I can.  So I tried switching the jacket out for this military green jacket to see if the colors contrasted better. I think I like it better than the jean jacket though the green jacket is a bit oversized so I look even more slouchy.  As for how I’ll style this moving on?  NO IDEA.  I’m interested to see how Style Bee works with her jumpsuit. Hers is a tank jumpsuit so it  can be styled with tees underneath whereas mine is basically a set and stands alone as a set so I kinda have a problem. Overall I’m vibing on today’s look.  It’s comfortable and effortlessly stylish which is good on bad/grumpy days like mine.

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