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Spring 10 X 10: Look 10

Hey everyone!  It’s the last day of the Spring 10×10!  I can’t believe it.  I definitely had a lot of issues this time around but overall it was a great learning experience.  Today I’m sporting my last look, and I feel really good in it so that is a plus!  If it’s your first time here, check out my very first post about the challenge here!  I was really slow on posting Look 9, so if you haven’t already check it out here and then come back to this post!  Thanks in advance! <3

Look 10:

Today’s Pieces:

-H&M button skirt (old)

-GU sandals

-Uniqlo baby blue button up (short sleeves)


First off, excuse my socks.  I didn’t realize they weren’t at the same length until after I took these shots.  Also it’s been super cloudy all day so I apologize if the pictures are darker than normal, I tried to brighten them up a bit with VISCO.  Anyways, I only wore this skirt twice for the challenge mostly because it’s a tad bit….tight.  I blame holiday weight gain and pure laziness in the months of January and February.  It makes me mad that in 2014 this skirt was incredibly loose on me…to the point of falling down (which meant I couldn’t really wear it haha).  So, I have mixed feelings with this skirt in terms of how it fits, but it’s so incredibly versatile and if only I had a few more inches of allowance I would love it even more than I already do. I can wear this skirt not only for most of spring but also the beginning of summer and fall.  I’ve had it for so long and it was one of my first purchases when I came to Japan so it kinda has a bit of a sentimental value to it.  As for the shirt and skirt combo, as I’ve been saying: typical work uniform.  Some may say that this skirt might be a bit too short of typical Japanese work environments but I like pushing things to the max and until someone says something, I’m not going to change.  Plus I am always much hotter than anyone else so I need a bit more breezy breezy down there haha.

Below I added this….track jacket?? What exactly are these called?  I even tried googling it but I couldn’t find the specific name.  Either way, this jacket was a fun way to spice up things after work and make my outfit seem a bit less professional.   Also is it just me or are my leg muscles finally kinda showing?  Finally some results from running in the mornings!

Today’s schedule: Work then I’ll be seeing Beauty and the Beast with a few friends later tonight (today is Japan’s release date for the movie).  After that I’m not sure!

Have a lovely weekend folks.  Next Monday I’ll be posting a Spring 10×10 Wrap Up post to discuss my thoughts and feelings about the challenge so see ya Monday!

Thanks for reading!