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Spring 10 X 10: Look 1

Hey everyone!  Thanks so much for checking out my Spring 10×10 Challenge pieces in my last post! I can already tell how big this community is getting and I’m super excited to share with you my first look for the Spring 10×10 Challenge.

Look 1:

So a little bit about today’s outfit.  I’m wearing some new GU wide legged (cropped??) jeans.  I’ve had my eyes on Everlane’s wide legged jeans for quite a long time but because they haven’t offered international shipping yet, I haven’t had a chance to try them so I opted for a cheaper version from GU to try out this crazy trending silhouette.  Here’s the question..are these supposed to be cropped??  (I’m 4”11 by the way) More on this weird issue later on.

Today’s pieces:

-GU wide legged (cropped?) jeans

-Uniqlo pink short sleeved button tee

-Jean jacket


Well, my biggest issue is that these jeans aren’t cropped and I know they should be.  What are your thoughts? Do they look fine this length or should they be taken up to my ankles?  I was thinking after the challenge getting them hemmed but then I’ll lose the nice fray at the bottom of the jeans which isn’t that big of a deal since they weren’t expensive buuut…I’m really not sure.  Also I know that this silhouette is supposed to be flattering on most all figures but I feel like this kinda shows off too much of my belly pooch.  Is it just me? I know I’m especially self aware of my middle area as it’s the one thing I really hate about my body. Also, the jeans kinda squeeze my booty a bit too much.

Here I folded the jeans up to see what the jeans would look like cropped.  What do you think?  I think I like them better to be honest, and I may even want to crop them even higher…I’d have to get a few safety pins and experiment.

I really do like these jeans but I I’m not sure if they show too much.  I’m also very much used to wearing loose clothing and I don’t usually show this much so maybe I’m just not used to it.

Moving on to the button top, a shirt like this is a classic uniform in my closet.  I have sooo many tops like these either in long sleeve or short sleeve because they! I have nothing bad to say about my top at all.  I absolutely love it!  I chose a pink top for today to celebrate the sakura which are now in full bloom in my area of Japan.  The jean jacket on top kinda evens everything out and makes me feel a little less focused on my middle. Overall I think my first look was a lot better than my winter 10×10 challenge first look attempt (before I fixed it and tried something else on).

Anyways should I crop the jeans or no?

Also I tried making my hair super nice but frankly I had no time this morning so I had to settle for meh waves. Happy first day everyone!  I can’t wait to see what ya’ll come up with.  Check out Style Bee and Unfancy’s posts about this Spring 10×10 for more information about the challenge and a peek at their ten pieces.  Thanks for stopping by!