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Spring 10 X 10 Challenge


I’m very excited to officially announce that I will be taking part in Lee Vosburgh’s (Style Bee) Spring 10×10 Challenge!  Ever since we finished off the Winter 10×10 Challenge, I couldn’t wait for spring to bring in warmer weather, brighter colors, and of course a new 10×10 challenge.  I’m not going to lie, I’m very tired of dark muted colors and I’ve made it a mission to try and bring some brighter colors into my life (regardless of the rain).  This is my second round in the Lee’s 10×10 Challenge and so excited to begin!

So what is the 10×10 Challenge anyways?

 The 10×10 Challenge is about taking ten pieces of clothing, and styling it in ten different ways for ten days.  10 days, 10 pieces, 10 outfits. When taking part in this challenge the first time, I learned how to get creative with the clothes I already had and I learned how to make my closet work for me.  The lovely Lee Vosburgh defines the takeaways of this challenge as “a very effective way to get more out of your closet, save some money and dig deeper into your personal style”.  Read all about Lee’s 10×10 Challenge here for more information. 

*I have a bit of a confession before I start off on my pieces.  I completely cheated on my shopping fast.  I announced in my March Resolutions Check Up that I would be starting another round of my shopping fast on April 3rd but after evaluating my closet and realizing that everything I owned was either for Winter or Summer, I needed to get a few new pieces to brighten things up (especially for work).  I do feel a bit bad for going against what I had said, but I’m not going to beat myself up for it because I was starting to get a bit depressed wearing dark colors everyday.  Anyways, I’ll be starting my shopping fast back up next week along with the 10×10 Challenge.*

Ten Pieces:

One jacket, three shirts, two pants, one skirt, one jumpsuit, and two pairs of shoes.


Favorite jean jacket from Earth Music & Ecology sister store.

From left to right:

-white Lowry’s Farm vneck tee

-pink Uniqlo button up

-light blue Uniqlo button up


From left to right, top to bottom:

-GU wide legged pants (possibly are supposed to be cropped but not on me)

-H&M button up skirt (verry old)

-Uniqlo navy jumpsuit (very excited about this one)

-Uniqlo grey slacks


-Lowry’s Farm oxfords (also used in the Winter 10×10)

-GU heeled sandals

I’ve also decided to be a bit more lenient for this challenge. I’ll be letting myself wear cardigans to work which are not included in the original ten and I may switch out my jean jacket for something different for the weekends.  Besides that, I’ve noticed that weather in my area of Japan is not going to be good so things may have to change to compensate for that.

It’s not too late to join in!

Join me for the Spring 10×10 Challenge!  It’s not too late.  I’ll be posting pictures on Instagram and blogging each weekday but you don’t need to have a social media presence to join unless you want to.  Lee will be officially starting with her first outfit on Monday April 10th, so I’ll be joining next Monday as well.  This gives us all time to evaluate our closets and pick ten pieces! I hope to see some of my blogger friends joining in and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Until Monday 🙂