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Skincare Routine

How exciting!  I haven’t talked about my daily skincare in FOREVER! Actually…it’s been a over a full year now and of course over time our skin changes as so do the products we use.  Since last year I’ve switched up almost everything I use which is both surprising and also interesting.  From last year, I definitely think my skin has gotten better and I’ve also finally been able to pin point that my skin isn’t dry anymore but actually combination to oily.  I have no idea why I was fighting this.  It reminds me of when I wouldn’t accept that I was actually two bra sizes bigger a few years ago but refused to replace my tiny falling apart bras (though in my eyes smaller is more appealing).

ANYWAYS! Today I’ll be discussing each product, my thoughts, and so on….

This post will be organized by:

-Daily Skin Care

-Other Skin Treats

-Toner, Serum & Moisturizer

Daily Skin Care

Face Washes

Is it absolutely necessary to use four different face washes?  In my opinion YES!  I have a ton of different skin issues depending on the season, time of the month (the red lady of pain really gives my skin a beating), weather and mood.   In the morning, I either use Alba Botanica’s Acne Dote Deep Pore Wash or (a recent purchase) Clean & Clear’s Deep Action 60 Second Shower Mask.  I usually tend to use the Acne Dote Pore Wash because I can pair it with my Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device (wow that’s a long name).  I use my electric facial brush around 4 times a week and every day right before the red lady of pain. I love this brush!  I got it last year for Christmas and use it all the time.  It’s super easy to use and totally waterproof.  The Acne Dote Deep Pore Wash is fantastic for people who get stress related breakouts or have acne issues in general.  Although I’ve read a few reviews on the fact that salicylic acid washes don’t work, I’m here to tell you that they totally do.  Our skin absorbs pretty much anything you put on it and you bet that salicylic acid is absorbed into the skin helping fight & prevent acne.  I’m all about salicylic acid cleansers and this one is amazing.  I’ve been using this cleanser since last August. A bit of a warning though, this cleanser is somewhat harsh on the skin especially if you are more sensitive and this is why I only use it once a day or just a few times a week.  As for the Clean & Clear Deep Action Mask, I like it but I haven’t had it long enough to give a good review.  So far it leaves my face feeling cool and tingly which I like, and it has some sort of beads in there to help with exfoliation.

At night I use Muji’s Mild Cleansing Oil first to take off all my makeup and then Alba Botanica Good & Clean Gentle Acne Wash.  This is a basic formula for “double cleansing” and I’ve been all about double cleansing since early last year.  If you’re like me and wear makeup daily, double cleansing is super important and it usually starts with some sort of oil cleanser and then finishes with a foaming face wash.  I have so many good things to say about Muji’s Mild Cleansing Oil.  I’ve talked about it a lot in a few other posts and it’s a product I think I wont ever give up. It’s cheap, simple, and gets the job done!  The Alba Botanica Good & Clean Wash is also another game changer for me.  It’s not as potent as the Ance Dote one but still keeps my skin clear and breakout free.  I love all of the Alba Botanica products I’ve used so far.  They smell amazing and have safer ingredients than your typical drug store face washes and they barely break the bank.

Other Skin Treats

Besides face washes and facial brushes, I also tend to use facial wipes and acne spot treatment.  What makes me so upset is the LACK of spot treatment found in Japan.  I’ve tried the few products they do sell over the counter and they were far too shitty and did nothing for my skin. I’ve even gone to a dermatologist and tried to get prescribed stronger stuff and it was still weaker than the stuff found in your typical American CVS.  So, I just gave up and decided to just bring five tubes of spot treatment back with me every time I make a trip back to the US. I usually end up getting Target brand spot treatment but honestly anything is better than the stuff here so I just load up on a ton of different things and use it throughout the year. For reference, I usually get a few black heads here and there and hormonal cystic acne.  The cystic acne is the trickiest for me but luckily I’ll just get one or two giant mother fuckers under the skin once a month.  Spot treatments usually helps keep these issues at bay and this is why I have to have it in my skin care routine.

Side note: I feel like a lot of bloggers DO NOT discuss acne or skin issues and tend to just paint an image that skin care is this beautiful, fun, amazing experience.  Well it isn’t!  For people who have acne issues it can be more like a battle field.  Side note finished.

As for facial wipes, this is another product I like to experiment with.  Right now I’m using Yes To Grapefruit Facial Wipes but normally I use Blum Natural’s Tea Tree Facial Wipes and to be honest I think I like the Yes to Grapefruit ones better.  I use the facial wipes on days where I’m too lazy to wash my face, usually the days when I go out drinking and the fact that I somehow manage to wipe my face is astonishing (especially to my friend Rachael), but I really hate going to bed with makeup on.  I also wash my pillow cases religiously because that’s another factor that leads to massive breakouts (fyi).

Toner, Serum & Moisturizer

I’m just noticing now that only one of my face products is from LUSH.  If I were to write this post four years ago I feel like 80% of my skin care would be LUSH.  Interesting how we change but even after all these years I still have continued to use LUSH’s Tea Tree Water.  I’m a huge fan of tea tree.  I use tea tree oil straight on my face when my skin gets REALLY BAD, and I use it as a fragrance to diffuse in my humidifier.  I really want to love this product and I’m not sure if my skin has just gotten used to it or what..but I haven’t seen any improvements in the past half year…I may need to switch it up when I finish it.  After using toner, I’ll then apply some sort of serum.  Lately I’ve been using (and finally finished) Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.  I bought this product AGES AGO.  I’m glad to have finally finished it off.  I love this product!!  After using it for about a month my skin was brighter, dark spots and scarring less noticeable and it make my skin feel super soft.  I’m sad to see this product go but also excited to try a few other serums that I’ve picked up recently.  If I didn’t have a long line of other products to use, I would re-buy this serum immediately.

 After serum, I apply a moisturizer.  Right now I’m trying to get through three separate moisturizers.  I recently got Origins Ginzing Moisturizer for Christmas which I’ve been wanting to try for years but I still need to finish up my Leaf & Botanics Face Emulsion which is why it’s pictured here PLUS I’m still trying to get through my Origins Make A Different Night Cream.  (I have a weird problem with buying too much moisturizer) I really like the Leaf & B0tanics moisturizer but I feel like I’m just far too excited to use other products.  This moisturizer is a Japanese one I picked up on a whim (which is probably why I’m not using is at much) and feels great on the skin without feeling too creamy.  Plus it smells amazing and is made from natural ingredients.  I need to give this moisturizer more credit and try and get through it before I crack open my newest moisturizer.  Seriously…I may have a skin care shopping addiction.

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed my daily skincare routine!  As you can tell, I can talk about skincare all day.  I felt like this post was getting a bit too long so I’ll leave masks for another post.

Have you tried any of the products above?  What’s your skin care game changer?  Leave a comment below and thank you so much for stopping by!🙂