Practicing Minimalism and conscious consumerism in Japan

Shopping Fast Week 4 

Four weeks of hell have come to an end.  Haha just kidding, though I won’t lie and say these past four weeks have been easy.  They haven’t….at all.  As my last week came to a close I began to realize I kinda liked doing this…kinda.  Anyways today I’ll be discussing my week..and be warned Week 4 wasn’t so great.

Weekly Expense Report:


Monday:  As I mentioned in my last report, I had gone on a weekend cycling trip so my expenses were much higher than usual.  On Monday I spent a lot on food, probably because my body was compensating for burning so much energy (did I mention we cycled over 100 km).  We also stayed in another hostel and had a few expenses for transportation.  Totals: 6885 yen

Tuesday: This was our departure day, a lot of my expenses went to a two hour bus trip from Matsuyama back to Onomichi which was around 3,000 yen.  We also did a lot of sightseeing on this day and I ended up buying a few gifts for my co-workers back home.  Totals: 7529

Wednesday: I probably was freaking out at how much I spent in the last two days so I barely spent anything except on lunch. Though, I did pick up some felt for a new plush.  I realize buying felt went against my shopping fast rules but I realized that I since my it’s my New Years Resolution to learn how to make plushies I shouldn’t cut out expenses for that.  So I spent like 2 dollars and got some black and tan felt for a few projects coming up! Totals: 810 yen

Thursday: This was an expensive day for me and I ended up breaking my shopping fast to buy some much needed underwear haha.  I also had to pay for a leaky faucet repair as well as a new water filter since mine was ready to be replaced.  On top of all of that I had lunch with a friend brining my total much higher than usual.  Totals: 6100 yen

Friday: Yet…another EXTREMELY expensive day.  I had some clothes tailored to fit me better including a pair of vintage overalls that I needed to hem and add snaps to.  I also had a dress hemmed to hit over the knee rather than under (which suits my petite frame much better).  Sadly the total for both of those was over 3,000 yen and I also dropped off my nice coat to get dry cleaned which I haven’t done since I bought it back in 2015 haha.  On top of that, a co-worker had her birthday the next day so I bought her a card and a present AND THEN went grocery shopping.  It was a crazy expensive day and I think it was probably because I just got paid that I was like meh with my money.  Totals: 11475 <—-holy cow

Friday: A regular day but I went out and picked up a giant bottle of wine because I wanted to chill the heck out (probably from overspending the day before lol).  Totals: 1951

Saturday: I felt especially hungry on this day and continuously bought food.  I was also convinced by a friend to buy a new manga even though I was still in the midst of the shopping fast…last day no less.  Anyways I didn’t care and bought the creepy serial killer manga and that’s how I ended my four week shopping fast, by breaking it a day early.  Totals: 3498

Grand total: 38248 (around 345 dollars)



Hahah and I thought I spent too much last week.  Boy, was I wrong.  I think I know what happened.  I think my high spending during my trip kinda triggered my bad habits and then after getting paid I just continued to throw money around.  I know I didn’t need to eat out as much as I did and I could have easily made some breakfast and lunches but I was just too tired to be bothered.  Some things, for example my faucet fix, were unavoidable and I had been putting off getting my clothes tailored and dry cleaned for a few months now so I knew it had to be done.  I should probably space out high cost things..for example, if I know I’m going to be spending a lot getting something tailored then I should hold off doing dry cleaning or buying new underwear until the following week, at least that way I can spread out the costs.   I also know that I have this horrible habit of spending WAY TOO MUCH right after getting paid.  I’m so used to that high school and college mentality of dropping cash as soon as pay day hits but I realize I have a ton of saving goals I want to accomplish in the next few months so I really want to learn to hold off during pay day week.  I know my wallet will thank me later.

Frankly, I’m disappointed in this week’s spending.  It very much looks like how I used to spend money before I started the shopping fast which makes me wonder if I should extend the fast for another month.

Did I Cheat?

Yep, sadly I totally cheated this week and far more than just once like last week.  I bought myself some fancy senbei (rice crackers) on the way back from Onomichi to snack on the bus ride, which was the first snack I had bought for myself in three weeks.  I also bought the felt and undies like I had mentioned before.  The other things I bought which were nonessential was the white wine and the manga.   Do I feel bad?  Hmmm kinda.  I was doing so well and only had cheated once prior to this week.  Though, I am especially proud of the fact that in the past four weeks the only snacks I bought for myself were the senbei and the jelly beans.  Going from my usual buy a snack a day to barely a snack a week is pretty good!

Moving On

So I’ve thought a lot about whether I want to continue my shopping fast or not and…… I DO!  I want to re-draft the rules a bit to allow me to buy crafting supplies for my plushie making. I also want to be able purchase a few things I have in mind for my spring capsule but that’s about it. I’m thinking I’ll challenge myself for another 5 weeks and end the shopping fast on Saturday May 6th! This is a perfect time to continue because I don’t have many trips planned and won’t be doing anything crazy for awhile.

This week I’ll be going on a break and I will be continuing on to Shopping Fast Week 5 starting from April 2nd.  I’ll be honest here, I bought some snacks yesterday and I’m not guilty about it at all, but I’m looking forward to cutting them out once again for another 5 weeks.

Thank you so much for reading!  Anyone down for taking the challenge with me for the next five weeks?