Practicing Minimalism and conscious consumerism in Japan

Shopping Fast Week 3


Hey everyone.  Welcome to my new blogging platform. How does it look? A bit different but I’m still trying to keep that clean white theme intact.  Excuse the random HTML at the top of this post it’s to activate this blog on my Bloglovin account.  Also, sorry for all the confusion these past few days.  I feel like I haven’t really gotten this new website down 100 percent but I’m very excited to post a brand spankin new post today.  First off, for those of you who read me through Bloglovin, I’m in the process of moving my followers to my new account.  I don’t think you need to do much so hang in there!  If you haven’t heard of Bloglovin I suggest you check it out because it’s an easy way to keep all the blogs you follow in an organized place plus an easy way to find more fun blogs to read. And secondly, thanks everyone whose followed me here.  If you are a WordPress follower, I’m pretty sure I transferred you as well but if I didn’t please let me know >.>

Moving on to this week’s post on my Shopping Fast Week 3.

Weekly Expense Report:


Lets go over it in a bit more detail.

Sunday: I had my hair chemically straightened this day (I used my credit card for this purchase) and then ate a HUUUGE lunch with my friend Rachael.  After that I ended up hanging out downtown a bit more and stupidly picked up some jelly beans on my way back home.  Totals: 3,783 yen

Monday: Another meh day spending wise.  I bought some “healthy” groceries which cost a bit then bought some bagels and a muffin which was my downfall.  I also had to pick up a few small gifts to pass out to my co-workers for White Day.  Totals: 3,541 yen

Tuesday: Because of my spending the two days before I spent very little on this day. Totals: 4oo yen

Wednesday: I went to the movies this day and I realize I actually spent more than I had written down because I bought some more food at the theater so it was probably 500 yen more.  Totals: around 1800 yen

Thursday: I forgot to pack lunch on this day so most of what I spent was just on lunch.  Totals: 550

Friday: On this day I left for out long weekend cycling trip and spent more than I usually would on things like dinner and hostel.  Totals: 5241

Saturday:  This day was probably the most expensive day because we had to rent bikes, pay for our play to stay, pay for temple/shrine entrance fees, and sine we were cycling so much our foot intake was much higher than usual.  Totals: 10,530

Week 3 Totals: 25,415 + 500 yen (movie theater) = 25,915 yen (around 232 USD)



Well…..hah this has been my most expensive week yet.  I get that I was in the midst of traveling but even so, I spent far too much on Sunday and Monday.  Was it absolutely necessary to buy 3 bagels, strawberry cream cheese and a custard muffin??  Nope.  Was it really necessary to eat a giant steak platter then order fried oysters, french fries, and pack in like 5 dinner rolls??  Nope.  I think the bagels and eating out at the beginning of the week is what killed me and my budgeting this week.  :/


I think because I gave in to some indulgences, this week wasn’t as challenging as the last two. I’ve actually not been craving shopping as much BUT I did go back to look at the beautiful blush translucent sleeve sweater I talked about in my last post and it ended up being  SOLD OUT!  I actually really regretted not picking it up and I honestly didn’t care that I would be spending money or breaking the fast.  Oh well.  I guess if it was meant to be, it’s meant to be.

Did I Cheat?

Yes omg I totally did.  I bought myself a bag of Japanese jelly beans and what makes me so mad is I totally forgot I had some sweet things in my house already.  It was such a stupid blip in my perfect track record of not buying any candy.  Another thing I bought was a bicycle safety charm from the bicycle shrine we visited on Saturday.  This is the first thing I’ve bought for myself in three weeks.  I always tend to buy a charm at a shrine so I didn’t feel so bad about this purchase and as of now it’s hanging on my bike warding off bad luck and keeping me safe while I commute to work.

Week 3 Goals Accomplished?

-Have 2 days of zero spending  —-> failed again whoops haha

-Bring lunch to work every single day —-> I was very good on this except one day

-Eat breakfast in every single day —-> Besides the days I travelled, I accomplished this

So… I barely accomplished any of my goals for Week 3.  I feel like this week was not so good at all in terms of keeping goals and spending less.

I decided for my last week I won’t set any goals and I’ll just see how I do.  Since I was traveling this past Sunday and Monday I already know my expenses are going to be high so I need to try and keep costs low.  Thanks for reading! <3