Practicing Minimalism and conscious consumerism in Japan

Shopping Fast Week 2

Happy Monday to those of you who have already started the week, or happy Sunday to those of you probably making the most out of your last few hours of the weekend!  Today I’ll be talking about Week 2 out of my 4 week shopping fast.  If it’s your first time here, check out my first post talking about why I decided to go on a shopping fast as well as the rules of the fast.  Also if you haven’t already check out Week 1.

Week 2 was well…emotionally very difficult BUT in terms of how much I actually spent, not so bad!  Actually, I did A LOT BETTER than last week.  I mentioned in Week 1 that I went on two separate food shopping trips, well actually that really helped me out during Week 2 because I didn’t really need to go food shopping.  Only now (my Monday of Week 3) I feel that I need to go food shopping for a few things..mostly stables like bread, meat, soy milk and some veggies.  I’ll delve a bit deeper on my stress and emotional issues later in this post so don’t go away 😉

Weekly Expense Report:


So lets go over the numbers in a bit more detail.

Sunday: On Sunday I went running with my friend who I’m going to be running a 10k event with.  The night before I had already bought breakfast so I was covered for most of the day and on my way back home I picked up an onion and pork to make some yakisoba..also picked up some frozen french fries which wasn’t reaaaallly necessary but I did just run a 10k so ah well.  Totals: 642

Monday: I didn’t have time to make breakfast (again) so I picked up some food for morning and then later that night I had a giant dinner with some friends.  I’ve recently found I’m just starrrving on Mondays.  Is anyone else like this??  I’m always much more hungry Mondays than any other day.  Totals: 1842

Tuesday: I actually only bought one thing for myself: raisins.  I has set a rule for myself that I couldn’t buy any candy or any sweets and I was having a major sweet tooth so I ended up making some oatmeal cookies (actually on Wednesday I think).  My friends birthday dinner was coming up the following day so I picked up a few things for her. Totals: 2977

Wednesday: Another day I was just too tired or lazy to make lunch for myself so I picked up a delicious chicken bento from the market near my school and ate that.  My friends birthday dinner was this day so we had dinner and my friends and I bought her a small cake.  Totals: 2081

Thursday: Because I had spent so much and went out so much I decided to stay in and scrape by with what I had left in my fridge.  Totals: 0

Friday: Another eating out experience.  One of my co workers will leave our school next month so we went to lunch and split the cost of his share.  Totals: 1440

Saturday: I had breakfast at home, then bought a small lunch and after my boyfriend took me out for dinner at this awesome french restaurant in our area.  So I was pretty much covered by bae for most of the expenses of this day. Totals: 344

Week 2 Totals:

9326 (around 81.00 USD)


Compared to last week, I did a lot better (as mentioned before).  Last week I spent 18440 so I spent 9,114 yen less than I did last week. Basically, I cut my expenses in half.  What shocks me so much is that I ate out or bought food out significantly more than last week, 6 times in fact! While last week I only ate out twice but spent a ton of groceries.  I refuse to believe that eating out costs less than grocery shopping but I know I tend to shop on the more expensive side when I do go food shopping (usually picking really healthy stuff and prime cuts of meat).  I’m a bit in shock haha but I should just pat myself on the back because cutting expenses in half is a big feat.


As for how I emotionally felt about the shopping fast, not so great.  I had multiple online shops open on my phone with a ton of things sitting in their shopping baskets.  The thing I wanted the most was the new BITE Beauty lip shimmers.  They are apparently only out for a limited time so who knows when they’ll sell out, though this could be a marketing thing to get people to buy more. I think I looked at them like….four times this past week?  I also have had my eyes on Only Child’s linen jumpsuit and denim tunic dress for a few weeks now since their release.   I know I can’t afford to buy either of those pieces but the need and want for them has been super strong and it’s hard to control.

Actually the need for something new has been bothering me quite a bit this week.  I almost broke my shopping fast multiple times this week and actually not for snacks which I thought I would (maybe the cookies held me over) but actually for clothes.  I guess I don’t know myself as well as I thought because I was very certain if I were to break my fast it would first be on snacks and then on clothes. BUT on Tuesday I was verrry close to trying on and buying this adorable blush sweater with floral translucent sleeves (another thing I saw in the store weeks ago and keep going back to look at it).  This is something I can afford but again I’m not sure if it’s worth breaking the fast over.   Anyways this need for new really got me thinking why I feel this way.  I hope to try and figure this out and do some research on the topic because it’s really annoying me.  Also social media has been especially impacting my feelings about shopping.  I keep seeing people opening boxes, mentioning their new this or that and it of course makes me want it as well.  I know this is a new form of social media marketing but wow it works so well.  Here’s a person on social media who looks much more real than anyone you’d see on TV opening or unveiling something…there’s just so much more of an appeal there and I feel like I relate to that person better.  Again more research needs to be done on this for me to fully understand why I keep getting drawn and trapped into our modern advertising.

Did I Cheat?

Surprisingly…no I didn’t.  I really thought I would break this week at least on something small but I held strong and that’s something to be proud of.

Goals from Week 1 to Week 2

So last week I set some mini goals for myself…I kinda want to see how that went haha.

Last week’s goals:

-Have two days of zero spending —-> I sadly only had one day of zero spending this week

-Only have fancy coffee once —-> Actually didn’t have any fancy coffee at all this week

-Only 1 grocery shopping trip (spending limit around 5,000 yen) —-> No grocery trips lol

-Try and keep weekly totals at around or lower than (15000)—-> Accomplished this!!

Wow okay I did pretty good here and maybe that’s why I did so well this past week.  I know that mini goals make it easier to accomplish the big goals so I’ll make some new goals for Week 3.

Week 3 Goals

-Have 2 days of zero spending (I’m gonna try for this one again)

-Bring lunch to work every single day

-Eat breakfast in every single day

And there you have it!  Week 2 overall was pretty darn good but I’m pretty sure Week 3 is going to be my hardest week yet….I’ve already made a few mistakes haha but that’s for next time’s post.  Thank you for reading!