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Resolutions Check Up: January

Last month on January 2nd I talked about my goals and aspirations for 2017.  Officially a full month has gone by and I wanted to check up on my goals to see if I’m on the right track and if not steer myself right back!

My 2017 New Years Resolutions

Lose 15 Pounds

Do A Running Event

Pass JLPT N3 & Start Studying for N2

Blog at least 3 times a month 

Vlog at Least Once a Month

Make a Few Aronzi Aronzo Plushies from Book

Use All Old Beauty Supplies Before Buying New Ones

Re-Pick Up Journalling Daily

Practice Yoga

WOW!  Okay first off, I think I accomplished a lot in January BUT most people are on the right track at the start of the year so I don’t want to give myself too much credit here.

Weight Loss

So lets go down the list…as for losing 15 pounds in a month..well that’s just impossible. According to MyFitnessPal, I’ve fluctuated quite a lot this past month.  I’ve been weighing myself every Friday morning and I neither gained or lost overall.  I’m not sure how I feel about this but I wasn’t actively trying to lose weight this month as I was more or so trying to get back into fitness.  As it’s the start of February I think I want to focus on this goal a bit more and see if I can see a change at the end of the month.  I’m a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t try harder here but I’m glad I’m checking back because it’s helping my motivation and pushes me to keep trying! Some things I want to work on this February is to log as much as possible using MyFitnessPal and focus on packing (healthy) lunches for every single work day.


So this includes both: “do a running event” and “practice yoga” goals.  I haven’t actively sought out a running event yet, but I do have one in mind.  This running event is not until next December though so I’ll keep my mouth shut about it for now. Of course, making sure I run routinely is a big aspect of entering an event so this month I logged in 9 runs total, ran 20+ miles, and can already see some muscle definition!  The only downfall to this is I think I went too hard too quickly and now I have really horrible and painful shin splints.  I have flat feet and have suffered with this issue for the majority of my life (hence why I swam and did water polo in high school) so I know I may need at least a week or so to heal and I may have to start much slower and stretch a lot more in order to keep myself healthy and injury free.  As for yoga…I’ve barely even started (whoops).  So this month I want to focus on my yoga practice and possibly restart Yoga with Adriene.  I also want to focus on healing so I can get back out there and continue to run.


I found out I passed the JLPT N3 even after posting this long vlog about how much I thought I was going to fail and I cannot tell you how surprised and pleased I am.  I think I may express my feelings about all of this in a separate blog post but it felt so nice being able to immediately check off something off from my resolution list and of course passing haha.  As for more study, yes I plan to continue to keep at it and work towards the N2.  As for now I want to review a lot of thing things I think I’m still weak at on the N3 level and then after June start my way towards N2.  This month I’ve been pretty good about attending our weekly Monday study sessions and I’m glad to be back in a study routine again.

Creative Endeavors

So I posted a total of 16 blog posts in January, mostly thanks to the Winter 10×10 Challenge which easily helped me reach my “post three blogs a month” goal. This is the most blog posts I’ve EVER posted in a month.  I find it fascinating how motivated and fun this challenge was for me and it totally kicked off my blogging for the the start of the year.  I’m so excited about my blogging these days and I have so much planned!  Since the 10×10 Challenge, I’ve gained a lot of new followers on here and my Instagram which is really nice! Last year I was starting to get a bit frustrated that even though this blog is 3+ years old, I still barely have any sort of impact out there in the blogging world. I know I need to remind myself that this blog is mostly a side thing for me but nonetheless a side thing I’m super passionate about (which is extremely rare). I posted a vlog on the 19th of January helping me check off my “post one vlog a month” goal.  I have a fun idea for next month’s youtube video so keep your eyes peeled!

Moving on, I dove head first into plushie making and after stabbing myself a zillion times and a few bloodbaths, I’ve finally created three unique and super derpy stuffed animals (pictured above).  I’ve found it extremely hilarious how shitty they are but with each one I’ve made, the more I’ve improved.  I think I may try and make one more with the pattern I’ve been using and then move on to something else.  I’m really proud of myself for not giving up on this.  After buying all the supplies and then making my first one and seeing how bad it was part of me wanted to throw in the towel (I’m very prone to giving up very early in) but I tried again and again and I finally am seeing results!

Journalling & Finishing Beauty Supplies

Sadly I’ve only logged three journal entries this past month which is obviously NOT daily.  I hope to work on this goal specifically in February so wish me luck.  As for finishing beauty supplies I’ve actually finished four packs of sheet masks, my Clinique Moisture Surge face lotion (FINALLY), and finished up my Clinique Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.  That’s pretty good and I haven’t bought any new products this whole month so YAY!

Keeping on Track

I really want to make an effort on actually achieving my goals this year so this is why I’m trying to keep myself accountable by blogging about it here.  As a recap in February I need to:

-Track meals with MyFitnessPal (tried but failed)

-Pack healthy lunches for every work day this month (half of the time did this)

-Start 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene (actually forgot about this goal lol)

Heal first & then keep running (gradually) + STRETCH!

Keep up the blogging and vlogging

-Try a new stuffed animal pattern

-Try and journal daily this month


How are your resolutions working for you?  Leave a comment below and thank you for reading! ❤