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Resolutions Check Up: March

Happy Sunday or Monday!  I can’t believe March is already over.  It only felt like yesterday that 2017 kicked off!  If it’s your first time here, welcome to my monthly edition of “Resolutions Check Up” where I keep myself accountable with my New Years Resolutions!


Lose 15 Pounds —-> hahaha……ummmm…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Do a Running Event—-> Yesterday I took part in the Sakura Marathon running a 10K!

Pass JLPT N3 & Start Studying for N2 –> Continue daily study and focus on vocabulary and reading

Blog at least 7 times a month  —> In the month of March I blogged 11 times!

Vlog at Least Once a Month —-> Sadly didn’t have the time 🙁

Make at least 2 new plushies a month with at least one new pattern  –> I made three plushies in the month of March: a cat and two turtles, the new pattern was for the turtles

Use All Old Beauty Supplies Before Buying New Ones  —> Lots of beauty supplies are gone! 0___0

Re-Pick Up Journalling Daily —-> Uhhh…this needs to be a priority for April haha

30 Days of Yoga with Adriene —> Still unable to get around to yoga :/


Weight Loss: Well, I honestly am not sure if I’ve gained or lost weight.  I’m a bit too nervous to weight myself especially since at the end of March I did far too much drinking and eating due to many teachers leaving my school and the massive amounts of farewell parties and dinners and/or lunches.  I feel like a broken record here when I say I know I can do better but I’m obviously not trying hard enough which is why I’m hoping to try and track most everything I eat using My Fitness Pal, making healthier meals, possibly cutting out fried foods (I ate my weight in those for most of March), and drinking a ton of water.


As for exercise, I’ve been quite good for most of March.  I’m still keeping up with running three times a week in the mornings (minus last week for 10k prep) and I joined a gym near my workplace so I’m hoping to head over there after work as much as possible to swim and use some machines.  I also finally was able to take part in my first ever running event in Japan.  I had such a great experience at the Nihondaira Sakura 10k and I’m pretty sure I want to run it next year!  I had some great mile splits and even hit a 10 mile run which I haven’t been able to run for years!  I feel like March had a bunch of personal goal breaking and I’m really proud of myself!  As for yoga, I’m not sure I can continue to make myself practice if I have no interest.  I thought I had interest but lately my interests have been other places… watching Star Trek Voyager again.  So there’s that.

Splits from miles 2-6


I’m still keeping up with my weekly study sessions with my friends.  We picked up a creepy serial killer manga so I’m hell bent on trying to read all of it.  I haven’t been studying enough at work when I have free time so I’m hoping to try and get more of that this month focusing on vocabulary and reading. I’m thinking of taking the JLPT N2 in the summer of 2018 so I have a long ways to go but I know every day adds up.  I’m pretty positive I will fail the N2 my first time anyways buuut worth a try!


At the beginning of March I ran out of sewing fabric and because of my shopping fast I felt like I couldn’t buy anything. I finally gave in and bought some fabric and tried out a turtle pattern which was a bit more complicated than the patterns I’ve been using from before.  I also made my friend a cat!


Blogging has been good and I finally shifted my blog over to a hosted domain name but I still want to try and see if I can make money.  I have no idea what I’m doing so I plan on doing some research and trying to figure out how I can get some sort of increase in views and possible money making chances.  As for vlogging I just haven’t had the time to get around to it but I’m thinking of maybe doing a sit down talking series about daily life and so on.


I’ve journaled a total of….4 times in March.  Which is bad…so in April I’m forcing myself to write something even if it’s just a sentence.  When it comes to finishing all my beauty products I feel like I’ve used up a ton recently.  I finally finished up a face wash, Lush body wash, both of my body conditioners from Lush, my MAC Matchmaster foundation (NOOOO), two eyebrow pencils, a concealer, setting spray…the list goes on.  I’m excited I’m getting through things.  And I’ve put a lot of thought in what products I want to replace the ones I already have with.  I can’t wait!

So!  I’ve done a lot in March.  I think part of the reason was I didn’t have much to do at work because my students have been off for spring break.  Like I said in my last blog post Desk Warming: An ALT Reality, I’ve had a lot of “me time” and it’s been really nice!

The things I most want to focus on for next month is tracking my food intake via My Fitness Pal, and journalling.  I think the rest will come easily since I’ve been easily achieving my other monthly goals.  Thanks for reading!