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Resolutions Check Up: February

It’s that time of the month again!  Today I’ll be sharing how I’m doing with my New Years Resolutions.  I honestly feel a bit reluctant to share my resolution check up for February because I feel like not much has happened but the whole point of this blog set is to keep myself accountable and continue to reach for my goals regardless of setbacks so here we go!

My 2017 New Years Resolutions

Lose 15 Pounds

Do A Running Event

Pass JLPT N3 & Start Studying for N2 –> Change to 30 minutes of daily study for the month of March

Blog at least 3 times a month  –> Change to blog at least 7 times a month

Vlog at Least Once a Month

Make a Few Aronzi Aronzo Plushies from Book  –> Change to make at least 2 new plushies a month with at least one new pattern

Use All Old Beauty Supplies Before Buying New Ones

Re-Pick Up Journalling Daily

Practice Yoga –> Change to 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene

So compared to how much I hustled in January, literally nothing has changed in regards to checking things off my list except one of my monthly goals and actually, I went backwards with with on my goals.  Let me go a bit deeper into how I did with each goal for the month of February.

Weight Loss

I feel like I’m just at a standstill with this goal which is extremely disappointing.  One day I get all pumped to track my food with MyFitnessPal but then that same day I get ravenously hungry and eat everything in sight.  I have a feeling it has to do with the mentality that I’m going on a “diet” or restricting my intake which makes me want to eat more and more.  I know I should re-read “Intuitive Eating” to work with this food issue I have because I KNOW it’ll help but it was just so boring the first time I read it and I couldn’t finish it.  Maybe an audio book would help?

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you’ll know I’m in the midst of a 4 Week Shopping Fast and I had hoped that cutting out buying any sort of snack or candy will help me with my eating but so far the restricting of buying snacks has done the opposite!   I’ve literally eaten almost every snack I have stockpiled in my house in aims to “get rid of them so I wont eat them later” but obviously this isn’t doing much for my weight loss and I’m probably just gaining weight!.  Another issue I’m facing is that because I can only eat snacks and treats I’ve made myself…I’m baking and making my snacks all the time! Which sure is a bit healthier but I have already made two batches of brownies and a thousand batches of croutons to snack on and it’s only Day 5 of the shopping fast…! I feel like in terms of my eating habits I’ve barely changed much in February. Or possibly gotten worse?  I know it because I feel incredibly guilty about it and I hate this guilt that I feel collecting at the pit of my stomach.  I know what I need to do to make better changes but I guess I’m afraid of the change and afraid of taking the plunge.  Afraid to move out of this comfortable routine I have with eating.  I may even be afraid of how I’ll look once I actually do lose the weight.  That’s hard to own up to but I think I need to take hold of the fear and learn to be friends with it in order to really tackle this eating issue.   I think the only way to work on my weight loss goal is to make mini goals for myself for the month of March so here are a few I have in mind..

-Try and track but maybe not on MyFitnessPal. Just log in a journal so you can see what food reacts badly with your body so you can make better changes in terms of feeling better (and not bloated / gross).

-Eat more fruit instead of baked goods…get creative with said fruit

-Continue to meal plan and stop being bored with eating the same thing because it only makes me more frustrated. I hate that I get so bored with food..I’m not sure how else to fix this though.

-Make healthy decisions when eating out and stop when you’re full.

Exercise: Running Event & Yoga

Actually with this goal, I’ve made some headway.  Bae, bestie Rachael and I signed up for the Nihondaira Sakura 10k on April 2nd!  I’m super excited but also nervous.  I haven’t been running as consistently as I was last month since I had a bad case of shin splints at the end of January and beginning of February buuut I am trying my best and the last few runs I’ve gone on I felt great so I’m hoping that I’ll be trained up enough to at least finish the 10k (even if it’s not within the time limit haha).  As for other exercise like yoga, I have been going nowhere.  I think it’s because I just am not motivated and extremely lazy right now. ITS SO COLD!  The goal: “Practice Yoga” is also super vague so I think I need to narrow it down a bit and trim off the fat.  So, I’m planning on just trying to do 30 days of yoga straight with the famous Adriene (check out her channel linked above).  I’ve done this challenge before but only made it to 12 days.  I’m hoping to do the full 30 and see where and how I feel from there.  Narrowing this goal down makes me feel like it’ll be easier to accomplish if I’m given a time limit.

(Update: I just realized I set the  goal to do 30 days of yoga with Adriene last month but didn’t end up doing it….so that kinda sucks but it motivates me more to actually do it in March..whoops)


I’ve been keeping it pretty consistent with my  weekly study sessions with my fellow ALTS so I hope to continue to make every session for the month.  I also hope to try and study a bit more at work instead of just reading books, blogging, and doodling around.  I feel like I have so much time to study right now since I don’t plan on taking N2 for another year or so but I know that every minute and hour adds up so I should focus on trying to study a little every day.  So for March I want to log 3o minutes of daily study either on flashcard apps, study books, or maybe just a full conversation in Japanese with my friends.

Creative Endeavors

This is one goal that I’m actually proud to say I’ve done really well on in the month of February.  I’ve gotten so much better from where I was before!  I’ve made three handmade plushies in the month of February and also started on a new pattern.  I’m thinking of making my own pattern and trying out some original designs (possibly making a Pokemon plushie? Cough cough maybe even a Snorlax?) but I also hope to keep working from the book I’ve been using.  Since I’ve been doing so well with this goal, I wanted to up the ante and so I’ve changed my goal from “Make a few Aronzi Aronzo plushies from book” to “Make at least 2 plushies a month with one new pattern (or more)”.   Here are the two plushies I’m most proud of from this past month:

Blogging and Vlogging

Another goal I’ve done quite well on this past month.  I think I made this goal a bit too easy so I’ve changed it to blog at least 7 times a month to make it a bit more challenging.  I think what’s helped me with keeping this goal in track is the fact that I have a journal and calendar just for blogging to write down any ideas I have for future posts and when I want to post them.  In the month of February I’ve posted 9 blog posts which is pretty darn good!  As for vlogging, I didn’t get around to making anything and I feel like part of it is because I don’t really have great lighting at home when I am actually free (after work) and the only day I could possibly vlog with good lighting is on a Sunday and I just haven’t had any good ideas or I’ve just been busy doing something else.

Anything ya’ll want to see in vlog form about Japan or just life in general?  Please leave a comment below. I’m really desperate for ideas.

Journalling & Finishing Beauty Supplies

So I didn’t journal at all in the month of February.  I know the reason and it’s going to sound super stupid but I hate how my journal looks.  I’m really particular about how things look and my journal is uuugly!  I think the only way I’ll be able to journal is to buy a new one or leave my journal at school so I can write when I know I have time. Plus it’ll be within hands reach so I am much more likely to reach for it when I have some free time on my hands.  Since I’m in my shopping fast, there’s no reason to buy a new journal so I think I’ll bring it to school log daily and hope I can just finish it up so I can buy a new one in the next month or so.  As for beauty supplies, I’ve finished up quite a few things (Clinique Moisture Surge, Ros Argan Body Conditioner, Clinique Spot Corrector, hand cream, toothe paste, various sheet masks, Glossier’s Bounce..)  and it feels nice to finally be using up everything before buying new ones.  I ran out of my eyebrow pencil today though, so I may have to cheat on the shopping fast and buy myself a new one because I can’t go a day without my awesome brows.

So I feel like this month’s check up was more about me owning up to the fact that I got REALLY lazy.  I’m honestly proud of myself that I’m actually writing about my failures though.  It’s a step in the right direction.  I’m now motivated more than ever to accomplish the goals I’ve set out for myself in March!   Thanks for reading! ❤

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