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Outfit of the Week

Hey everyone!  Happy Friday to those on my side of the world, and to those who are still working on getting through their Thursday, you can do it!

This has been my favorite outfit of the week and I’m happy I decided to go with this because at first I was just going to wear something incredibly boring like black work pants and a plain green button up with a cardigan (my usual teacher uniform) but FUCK IT.  Haha whoops excuse my language.  Seriously though! Just because Steve Jobs wore the same thing everyday doesn’t mean I have to.  My question to you though is….do you think this outfit is teacher appropriate?  Part of me wants to say yes, but another part of me wants to say no since I do see a lot of people wear something like this on the weekends (at least in Japan).  Anyways leave a comment below, I’d love to know your thoughts.

Look of the Week

So ever since the Winter 10×10 Challenge I realized I wanted to become better aquatinted with my clothes and work on my personal style without being wasteful.  I want to be more mindful about what I wear and learn to love the stuff I already have before I break the bank and get something that I may regret buying later down the line.  I realize taking pictures of certain outfits really helps me see myself and my clothes in a different (positive) light so I wanted to document all of that here and this is why I’ve decided to create this new blog series: Outfit of the Week.  I hope to document and track what shapes and styles suit my body best, what clothing I already have that doesn’t work (and get rid of them in a safe way), and of course find new ways to style the things I already have!  I also hope to post some failures on here too (if I can manage and bear posting crap pictures of myself lol).

For today’s outfit I’m actually wearing clothing all from Japan.  Which is kinda funny because usually the clothes don’t fit me well here but today’s pieces are lucky finds that I’ve had for over a year now.

Today I’m wearing a knit sweater from Honeys, a long corduroy skirt from one of the Stripe Club stores (possibly E hyphen world gallery), and some grey socks I got as a present 2+ years ago. Of course, as it’s winter, I’m wearing blue leggings and a blue heat tech shirt under everything.

I love that everything I’m wearing is from last season. I’m usually all about new things but as I’ve said, I’m trying to embrace the old and I’m happy that each item has lasted over a year.  The sweater is a large and only was about 2,000 yen.  I love knit sweaters and never could wear them back in California so I now have quite a hefty collection.  I think this sweater flatters my body in all the right places so I’ll hold on to this for next year as well (unless it falls apart). I also love that the sweater has two separate designs: the sleeves have this kinda fuzzy plain knit style instead of the pattern on the front. The skirt I’m wearing is actually a medium which was a shocker that it actually fit me.  I loved the skirt so much last year that I bought two of them (this one, and one in dark green). The skirts were also pretty cheap and on sale at 1,500, so I got both skirts for around 3,000.

What’s interesting is the fact that I’m okay with wearing long skirts these days.  I always thought I could never wear long skirts because I’m so short, but since I’ve moved to Japan I see so many short Japanese ladies wearing long skirts and I finally got the confidence to wear one!

Outer Wear

I’m wearing my absolute favorite coat today.  This was a huge splurge for me and probably the most I’ve ever spent on one item of clothing ever. I don’t think I need to tell you how much I spent on this coat but don’t worry it wasn’t like…1,000 dollars or anything. But man oh man….if I did have a thousand dollars to spend on a coat, I would buy Elizabeth Suzann’s Coccoon Coat in a heartbeat (in black of course).

 The thing is, even though I bought this coat (the one pictured NOT the Elizabeth Suzann one haha) two Septembers ago….it barely looks a week old.  I love that this coat is reversible and how lightweight it is. It’s great for  fall and spring plus it can easily hold layers under it for the perfect winter look.

Since splurging on this coat, I’ve realized how important  it is to buy quality items over quantity.  I can already tell I will probably own this coat for many years to come since it’s barely worn since I got it.  Another interesting (and probably gross) fact is that I still haven’t dry cleaned it haha.  I’m thinking this year I’ll finally take it in…

I love today’s look.  I’ve been wanting to wear this sweater and long skirt combo all week but I felt like my job was kinda getting in the way of my personal style so, I said whatevs and just decided to go with it.

So, do you think this outfit is teacher / teaching / work appropriate?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Thank you for stopping by! <3