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Outfit of the Week

Happy Friday to those backwards in time, and happy Saturday to my local dwellers.  Today I’m sharing my outfit of the week.  I’m going to be honest here, it’s not really a favorite of mine.  I’ll talk about why below.  Also, I apologize to my email subscribers.  You may have gotten a sneak peek of the pictures from this post because I accidentally posted without actually writing anything so I deleted the post and here it is again.  Whoops!

The Outfit


Stripped shirt, Uniqlo

Navy button down corduroy skirt

Long cardigan, Uniqlo


I wore this outfit last Sunday on a date day but after I got home I immediately took it off and wore something else.   I feel like a lot of things are wrong with this outfit.  First being the colors.  I’m only wearing dark colors and I think if I had switched the shirt for a white blouse or tee the outfit would have looked much nicer.  I also believe this striped shirt looks a lot nicer tucked out, like I had styled it here in my 10×10 Challenge outfit.  I feel like the tucked in shirt with the high wasted skirt shows off my most unflattering part of my body: my flabby tummy.  I’m so self conscious of this area and I have recently (in the past two years or so) collected a lot of fat in the upper and lower areas of my tummy.  Maybe to someone who isn’t me…I look fine or normal, but looking at these pictures makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.  Maybe the shirt would have looked better tucked out to hide the flab?  I’m not sure.

Overall I feel very meh about this outfit.  I feel like it shows a lot of unflattering parts of my body so I’m going to categorize this as a fail haha.


Though, I do really like this long cardigan paired with the long skirt.

Thanks for reading!

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