Practicing Minimalism and conscious consumerism in Japan

Muji Pick Up

Muji or  無印良品 is probably one of my favorite places to buy simple stationary, snacks, and skin care.  Last week I ended up going to Muji because I wanted to buy a planner and a notebook to use solely for this blog for planning future blog posts and brainstorming.  Here’s what I ended up picking up:

So I really wanted to separate my blog planning since my regular planner is filled to the brim with all my other daily activities.  Pictured above is a white plain notebook for (what I hope to be) blog layout planning and blog content planning, a 2017 calendar notebook with some open pages in the end to take more notes, and a to-do sticky note plus a weekly sticky note.

I’m sure it’s not just me, but I’m  just so attracted to Muji’s packaging and of course the overall look of the store.  Everything is just so simple and straight to the point.  If you’ve never been in a Muji store, I recommend you go if you can!  Muji isn’t just located in Japan and there are a few locations in the US (though in Japan, it’s probably much easier to find).  I also tend to use Muji’s skin care especially their mild cleansing oil for my double cleansing routine at night.


Today’s blog post is a bit short but I kinda just wanted to show off my minimal flat lay photography!  Ever since I’ve finished the 10×10 Challenge I’ve been feeling like I need to upgrade my blogging photography haha.  What do you think?

 Do you like Muji? If so, what is your favorite thing to buy there?  Leave a comment below and thank you for reading