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Judy Hopps Disney Pjs

I keep referring back to my horrific Sunday shopping splurge a month or so ago, but this post also relates to that.  On that day I bought the softest cutest pajamas ever!  I wanted to show them off today which will be a bit different from my usual “outfit of the week” post because this clearly isn’t an outfit I would ever wear outside.  I could maybe see my 12 year old self wear this to an anime convention buuut that’s not me anymore.  Anyways, today I’ll be sharing some pictures and discussing the pros and cons of this wonderfully cute pajama set!

Judy Hopps Room Wear / Pajamas





So when I first discovered this set in the Disney Store I was smitten.  There were a few other sets in different colors with different ears and tails but I loooved how the Judy Hopps set looked and I especially loved the long ears.  Lately, I’ve been really into bunny stuff.  Two years ago you would have pinned me as a bear girl and I still am, but recently my radar has turned to bunnies.  No idea why, it’s just the way it is.  Anyways the best part of these pajamas is how soft they are.  I feel like I’m wearing a warm fluffy cloud.  If you’ve read my About Me section of this blog, you’ll know I also have a large interest in anything fairytale / dreamy / and of course fluffy.  I don’t usually wear this type of stuff out in public because it just feels so awkward for me.  I feel like these pajamas on the other hand, let me kinda dip my toes into kawaii fashion without the stress of having to wear it outside.  Other aspects I like is the cute little pom pom zipper pull on the jacket portion.  The jacket is a size large, but fits well in the chest and waist but a bit long in the arms.  Since it’s room wear, I don’t really care that it’s oversized but I think I would mind if this was an outer jacket.  As for cons, I’m not too jazzed by the tail on the shorts.  It’s adorable buuut when I’m sleeping on my back I can feel it and it’s a bit uncomfortable.  For those of you who are side sleepers this wouldn’t be a problem but I 100% sleep on my back so I end up yanking the shorts off in the middle of the night.  I can sit down with the shorts just fine so it’s not really an issue of sitting, more an issue of laying down.  Another issue I have with the shorts is that elastic around the waist is SO THICK.  I feel like it adds another 2 inches to my waist which kinda makes me look chubbier.  It’s not that big of a deal since I’m only wearing these indoors but still I find it not so flattering.

You can see a bit of my new tattoo here!


You can actually find this Judy Hopps set on the Disney JP Website.  The other sets sadly don’t seem to have the bottoms anymore.  BOO!

Jacket: Large Size Here

Shorts: Large Size Here 

Random side note: I don’t know if you’ve noticed but my hair is VERY over due for a straight perm.  I usually get it done once every 3 months or so and I’m so stoked that this upcoming weekend I’ll finally be getting it touched up and trimmed.  Yay!  Here’s hoping I don’t walk out of the salon with a lob though….I’m really trying to grow my hair out but I’m getting super antsy.

Hope you liked my house wear / pajama version of outfit of the week.

Any questions?  Leave a comment below!