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Glossier’s Generation G 

Hey everyone! It seems like it’s been forever since I wrote a review, possibly because I had mentioned in my New Years Resolution post, that I would be trying very hard to use all my beauty products before buying any new ones.  This has been going really well for me, but I did recently purchase a few more things from Glossier.  First off, I’ve heard so many good things about Boy Brow, and I wanted to give it a try, but also I loved the Generation G lipstick I had bought last December and I wanted to try a few other shades.

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Pictured above from top to bottom I have Generation G in three different shades: Cake, Leo, and Crush.  Crush is probably the brightest of the three, and I’ve been wearing it quite consistently since I got it in December.  The consistency and feel of this lipstick is a bit drying on chapped lips but if you moisturize and exfoliate your lips often enough, this shouldn’t be an issue for you. It lasts for a few hours depending on if your eating or not but I tend re-apply lipstick purely out of habit so long lasting has never been an issue to me.  Color wise, Cake and Leo are absolutely amazing.  The two are very close in color, but Cake has a more peachy nude tone, whereas Leo has a deep brownish red tone to it.  I’ve never seen colors like this before and they look so great!  If I were to choose only one, I would probably just choose Leo since it’s a more heavy color compared to Cake.

Here’s the biggest issue I’ve had with Generation G: the packaging is utter crap.  The cap for my Crush lipstick cracked within a few weeks and I’ve just taped it with some masking tape to keep it in place. This isn’t a big issue because I can still use it BUT here’s where things get even more shitty: the second day I tried using Cake, the lipstick broke from the bottom. Now it’s just rattling around in the lipstick case, and if I twist it up too far, it’ll just pop out.  Combine that with a possible cap break, you’ll have a big mess in your purse fairly quickly. Isn’t lipstick supposed to be an easy, on the go type of thing?  Why has this happened!! Anyways, I didn’t realize this was such a big issue until I started reading reviews for Generation G on Glossier’s website:

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 1.05.31 PM

    After reading a ton of reviews, I guess Glossier tried fixing this issue before and their prior formulation’s packaging seemed just as bad.  Apparently they’ve tried to fix it, but obviously not much has been fixed.

I’m extremely disappointed how quickly this lipstick falls apart.  I LOVE THE COLORS because they’re subtle yet extremely flattering (especially on my super white ghostly skin tone).  What’s weird is that I’ve had Crush for over 5 months and the actual lipstick hasn’t broken just the cap…but still, come on Glossier!! You need fix this because these are pretty expensive, and cheap shitty packaging and lipstick falling apart is such a let down.

Here’s a deeper look in how the shades look on me (excuse my acne scarring, I tend to get a lot of that around my chin and lips).

Top: Crush

Middle: Cake

Bottom: Leo

So would I recommend this to a friend?  Well before my lipstick broke, I would say yes because Crush was doing pretty well staying together, but now I’m not sure.  I feel like Glossier just needs to fix this issue because I honestly don’t feel happy with my broken product but since I live internationally there’s not much I can do when it comes to returning it.

Would I recommend anything else from Glossier?  Absolutely!  Boy Brow completely lives up to the hype and I am so completely hooked (I’ll be posting a review very soon!)

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Thanks for reading, and hope this review helps!