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Glossier Mini Review


I’ve been meaning to write about my most recent mini haul from Glossier, but I wanted to try all the products for at least a month before giving my final review.  I bought these products as a spur of the moment present for myself late last December (I literally got them a day before I boarded my flight and included next day delivery).  I justified this purchase with the fact that I have been on Glossier’s website every few weeks for over a year now and since they don’t do international shipping my only chance to try them was when I went back home last December!

As I am no skin care expert this review will not include a deep analysis of the ingredients within the products but I’ll try my best to explain why or why not I like or don’t like the products above!

(Also for reference my skin is combination to oily, pale as fuck, and prone to redness)

Today I’ll be reviewing three products:

Priming Moisturizer 

Generation G Matte Lipstick

Perfecting Skin Tint



Priming Moisturizer

First off I love the packaging for most of Glossier’s products but I really like this one mostly because it reminds me a lot of Aseop’s packaging but cuter and well, anything with pink is a plus. One thing I like about this moisturizer is that it doubles as a primer.  Having two in one is always better because it saves money and time.  Since using this primer I haven’t been using my regular moisturizer which has been kinda nice (though I do miss using my Origins moisturizer). I think this is the perfect product to take on trips because it saves space and it’s just cute as hell.  There isn’t much of a smell here and if I were to describe it it’s almost…medical?  I’m honestly not a fan of the smell but the primer does a great job smoothing out the skin, making it look plump and supple, and masking those darn giant pores that I have (especially around the nose).  To be honest though, it’s not a  huge game changer for me, I neither love it or hate it.  I’m glad I was able to try it (and I will continue to use it until its gone)…but would I buy it again?  Hmmm, I’m honestly not sure.  I really love the Media color corrector primer I already have (mentioned in my makeup routine revealed post) and it does mostly everything that Glossier’s does plus it corrects redness and has sun protection.  My media primer is that perfect go-to primer I had been looking for since the beginning of time and honestly Glossier’s doesn’t match up. I will throw Glossier a bone here and say that I like how plump and bright this product makes my skin feel but….I don’t like that there’s no sun protection here.  What’s funny is that the primer I’ve been using and will continue to use is only like 5 bucks while Glossier’s is 25 so if anything the differences in prices has my mind made up.


Generation G Matte Lipstick

Now the Generation G Lipstick was one of the first Glossier products that caught my eye.  I’m all about lip products but not in the way you may think.  I really love lip balms, moisturizers, and so on but I’m not too big on lipstick unless it’s super moisturizing and doesn’t make my lips look like a desert floor.  I bought Generation G in Crush and absolutely love it.  The color looks beautiful and stays on for quite a long time.  I’m honestly a bigger fan of how lipstick looks after a few hours (permitting there’s no weird lip liner ring left) and I love how this lipstick feels more like a chapstick than an actual lipstick but the color is bold and long lasting.  Would I buy this again?  Absolutely.  I honestly want to pick up every color because there are so many options here.  I went with a safer color and one that I knew would give off a bit of a contrast to my lighter skin and now I’m wondering how the other colors would look too.  I also like pairing this with Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm to make my lips feel even softer.  This by far was my favorite purchase from Glossier and I would highly recommend it to anyone!


Perfecting Skin Tint

So when I read “skin tint” on their website I had imagined more of a thicker BB/CC cream type of base.  Something that could be worn basically alone but instead the Perfecting Skin Tint is more of a color corrector if anything.  The consistency of this product is more liquid than creamy and when I squirt some out on the back of my hand it’ll roll around and drip.  I’m not a fan of this drippy factor and I have to mop it up quickly with a foundation brush or else It’ll drip on my clothes or right off my hand.  I feel like I have to use a ton of this product to cover my whole face evenly and because it was so pricey (26 bucks) I’m hesitant to use a ton for every single application. On the plus side, it does exactly what it says it will do…it smoothes, refines, and enhances the skin but to be honest it’s just not enough for me.  I like to have most of my pores and blemishes covered if I can and there is no way I could cover it all with just this product alone. Lately I’ve been using it under my foundation on so-so to bad skin days. I like the idea of this product, and if you are a person who doesn’t feel the need to use heavy to medium coverage foundation then this product may be for you.  I think you’d have to have pretty clear skin to get any satisfaction out of this product to wear alone.  And I think if anything, I would use this product (alone) when I’m doing some sort of group sporting event or outing.  Like for example, going skiing or to the beach.  Basically, a circumstance where you know you are going to get sweaty or wet but have the desire of having a bit of coverage.   Will I buy it again?  Nope.  Too expensive and I already have a great color corrector and primer that I use.  Was it worth the try?  Yes!  Trying things never hurts and I really wanted to check out what Glossier has to offer.

Overall Takeaway

So far, my favorite product from Glossier has been the Generation G Matte Lipstick.  I’m not disappointed with the other products, and I love how most of Glossier’s ingredients are good for you and cruelty free. There are a lot of good things about Glossier but everyone is different and so is everyone’s skin. I hope my review has helped and if you’ve tried any of these products leave a comment down below on your thoughts!  I’ve already read quite a few reviews on Glossier and they’ve helped me immensely in figuring out which products to try and which ones to leave out of my future shopping cart. Interested in trying some Glossier?  Use this link and get 20% off! 

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 3.32.17 PM.png
Glossier Super Pack (taken from Glossier’s website)

PS: I also ended up buying Glossier’s Super Pack which is a set of Glossier’s serums (Super Bounce, Super Glow, and Super Pure) and once I’ve finished polishing off my Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector (mentioned in my last skin care post) I’ll be writing up a review for these in the next few months so keep your eyes peeled.  I’m very much interested and looking forward to trying Super Glow especially!


Thanks for reading 🙂