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Cherry Blossoms 2017

So, lately in my area of Japan (Shizuoka) we’ve had some bad weather.  It’s been windy, cloudy, rainy and humid for the past week or so.  Not only that but I’ve been waking up with a sore throat for the past three days now.  It’s not been a great shift to spring for me.  One good thing though is that the sakura trees have FINALLY started to bloom.  I was a bit worried this year because normally they start to bloom the very last week of March but in my area they only started blooming a few days ago.  Global warming??

Sadly, the weather forecast hasn’t been looking good so Tsuyoshi and I went out and did a little photoshoot and enjoyed the sakura around my apartment while we could.

 (Check out my sakura adventures last year here!)



This is the small part we visited to take photos.  Although it looks tiny, once you go inside the sakura trees envelop you and you feel like your floating in pink clouds.  It’s so beautiful.



Even though it wasn’t a clear sunny day many families were out doing hanami (花見) or flower viewing.  Normally people will lie out a large tarp and sit down and eat snacks and drink booze.  Kids will usually play around the area and lay under the sakura trees.


Simply breathtaking right?


I’m also sporting a new tee I got from Uniqlo last week in these pictures.  I’m not sure how I feel about it to be honest.  The material is super slippery and it has a hard time actually staying on my body instead of sliding one way or another. The sleeve cuffs are really nice and the silhouette is great but I’m don’t think I like the material.  The overalls are semi new from GU and of course I love them.  I now have three pairs of overalls, one overall dress, and two jumpsuits.  Let’s just say I’m all about “one pieces”.


My favorite close up shot of the season thus far..


Sadly soon the sakura will fall to the ground and disappear. It’s such a bittersweet occurrence.   I hope I can make one more trip to view the sakura before they all fall.

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