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26 Years and 4 Days

Last year I started the tradition of doing a little reflection post on my birthday.  This year I was a bit late to post on the day, but I still want to keep the tradition alive! So. today I’ll be writing something up.  Check out last year’s post here and if not, lets talk about being alive for 26 years.


So, four days and 26 years ago I was born.  It’s kinda weird thinking about being born isn’t it?  Like…you were kinda pulled out of your mom and had nasty guck all over you and if you were me you were yellow and had a cone head…so yeah a bit weird.  Maybe if I were a mother myself, I’d understand the miracle aspect of it, but for now it kinda just grosses me out.  Being alive is good though!

Turning 26 isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I remember last year I was dreading 25.  I guess, once you get over the 25 year hump, it’s all fine and dandy until you hit 30 I suppose.  Well, I don’t really know for sure, this is just my idea of what it would be like.

My 25th year was interesting to say the least!  There were a few rough times, but for the most part everything was pretty peachy.  I wonder if this is what it means to be a true adult.  When the only things that stress you out are the improvements you make to your apartment or house and whether or not you made that bill payment or not.

I don’t usually like to use the word “adulting” because I feel like it gives young adults too much legroom to remain perceived as children, also young adults use this phrase to get praised for doing stupidly easy things, but today I want to use the term because I feel at 26, I’ve possibly turned into a real adult…and have done some true “adulting”.

Here are a few “adulting” accomplishments I’ve achieved: 

  1. I’ve actually learned to manage and save my money.  A true shocker.
  2. I’m exercising and eating better! And not only for the vain reasons either, but because I know I want to live longer and feel good.  Also, I’m doing this to possibly prep my body for children.  If I for some reason want children in the future, I need to be healthy and learn to be in a positive place (mentally) with food before I pass that mentality on to my offspring.
  3. I’m actually talking about children…and considering the actual fact that I might want them.  A very very scary thing for my 21 year old self. This isn’t necessarily “adulting” for everyone, but to me it’s a “sub-genre version” of what it means to become an adult who may want to be a parent.
  4. I’m coming to terms with my issues and insecurities.  I know I’m insecure, especially with how I feel about how I look and my body.  I’ve been that way for a long time, but this is something I want to change and I’m working on it.
  5. I’m coming to terms with the “negative” aspects that I don’t want to change.  One for example, being the fact that I’m extremely pessimistic.  But this is what makes me, me.  I don’t want to change this.  When I was younger, a lot of people told me that this trait was undesirable.  Fuck that though, because my pessimism is what makes me critically think and weigh outcomes.  Plus it’s who I am.  People know this about me, and if they don’t like it well…they can leave!
  6. I’m picky with the people I want to surround myself with, and I as I said in my last birthday blog post, I just don’t care about saying no to things I don’t want to do.  This mentality has truly liberated how I communicate with people.  If I don’t want to do something or hangout with someone, I don’t.  And I’m not afraid to say it either.
  7. I can see my future.  At least, a big part of it.  I know who I want to be with, I know where I want go live and go.  And I’m happy to change those things to be with the person I love.  Being okay with changing your plans, uproot your life, or risk everything for the person you love is really a true sign of being an adult who is ready to have a partner for life.


Yeah, so those are some heavy adult things right?  But let me take a few steps back and  show you a few things that keep me in the realm of being a child forever:

  1. I own like 20 stuffed animals.  And these aren’t like…nostalgic things..these are things I actively went out and bought for myself.  I love me my stuffed animals.  Especially Pokemon ones.
  2. Speaking of Pokemon, I still play it, and I possibly enjoy it even more than when I was a child.
  3. I whine a lot, especially when I’m hungry.
  4. I get cranky before bedtime, and bedtime is like…8:30 pm.


So here’s to being an adult/child hybrid at 26!

Happy Birthday to me!